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About a week ago my two friends and I started to throw around the idea of taking shrooms.

About a week ago my two friends and I started to throw around the idea of taking shrooms. My one friend did it a couple times a long time ago and my other friend and I had never done them. So we planned to take them next weekend (Yesterday). We bought an 8th for each of us and bought us some great Philly cheesteaks to put them in.

We went back to my apartment and DEVOURED the shrooms. My one friend put all of his on half of his cheesteak while my other friend and I split it up. We finished our cheesteaks and WAITED. We needed to take our minds off of waiting, so my one friend and I started to play Playstation. My other friend was laying on the couch. About 20 minutes rolled by and I started to feel weird as shit. I look over at my friend on the couch and he has this look of amazement on his face because of the patterns on the couch. He then started to look around the room and told us to look at the ceiling.

I laid on the floor and looked up and the plain white ceiling. Very slowly the ceiling began to shift and going in different directions. It started to get very intense. The ceiling looked like it was rippling. I kept blinking and every time I went back it was doing the same thing. I then looked at the walls and they were doing the same shit. They then began to spin in circles. We then decided to make it to the kitchen and smoke a couple bowls. While we were in the kitchen, I was going fucking insane. I had never experienced anything like it before. Everything I looked at was doing something crazy. My walls were turning colors and going this and that way. I looked at the floor and it looked like it turned to water.

My one friend then points out my wood covered cupboards. We all sit on the floor on in my kitchen and are just fucking amazed by this wood. We saw wood rivers in the cupboard. My one friend starts looking behind the fridge and says it was fucking awesome. I then got curious and looked behind the fridge. The dust balls were doing some crazy fucking dance. We then decided to smoke some more pot and TRY and chill out. As we were sitting there, the shrooms got to its MAX. We all started grunting and each other. The grunts then turned into yells and now 2 hours had gone by. We would be talking to each other and then we would just SNAP.

We would be talking about the craziest shit and then we started to laugh or get excited we would start to yell like fucking psychos. All of us were like, "What the fuck is going on!?" I started to bite my arm and twitch my neck. My pupils were as big as the sun. My one friend was sitting on the floor and he grabbed both legs of the table and started to yell. It was so funny, but it was bugging the shit out of all of us. We couldn't control it. We called this uncontrollable urge, "CRAZY BILL". We started to talk to the weed and told him to get CRAZY BILL under control. The shrooms were just taking over everything. I drank 3 bottles of water while we were sitting there and don't even remember doing it. I got up to take a piss and forgot how to. As is started to piss I saw the mirror. I heard bad stories about people doing that, but I couldn't resist. I looked like absolute SHIT. I kept going closer and further back from the mirror. I was freaking the shit out of myself. I pulled myself together (not really) and chilled in the hallway. My one friend was standing in the hall way and these animal instincts started to take over both of us.

We caught each other's eyes and we just wanted to rip each other apart. Deep down we both were like, "What the fuck are we doing?" We walked by each other and I felt like a fucking gunslinger. We then gathered back in the kitchen and were trying to unfold the universe to each other. I kept forgetting, but remembering what was happening. We lost total track of time and now it was 4 in the morning. We were now coming down from the shrooms and we all felt GREAT. We were just telling each other to look at different shit in the kitchen. We were all basically laying on the floor in weird ass positions that normally wouldn't be comfortable. The shroom part of us was just talking about NOTHING!!! Everything we talked about just turned to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! The real us kept trying to come out and say, "I know what you guys are trying to say, but we can't say it!!" Crazy Bill was pretty much gone, but "he" would have his spurts. Light yelling continued for a little bit, but not enough to bug out.

The really cool thing I liked about shrooms was looking at something and you could make it do pretty much anything you want it to do. I would look at the leg of the table and picture in mu head the wood designs going down, then back up, sideways and spin. It was now 5 in the morning and the birds were chirping. We had tripped for a good 6 hours and it felt like 5 minutes. We then moved into the living room and watched TV. We could NOT fall asleep!! We watched 2 whole movies and started a 3rd. We were all worried that the shrooms would alter our egos. (CRAZY BILL COMING OUT WHEN WE WERE SOBER) AS we were watching TV, we all let out one last scream into our pillows. It was like a fucking nut house!! I laughed to myself for a good 30 minutes before falling asleep.

We woke up the next day, about 10 hours later and just looked at each other in disbelief of what happened. I will never ever forget the first time I took shrooms. - PE

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