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First Trip, Ego-Loss (Long but descriptive)

So my first trip was about two weeks ago now, and wow was it one of the most amazing things I have ever done.

So my first trip was about two weeks ago now, and wow was it one of the most amazing things I have ever done. About a year ago the whole idea of tripping on mushrooms brought some interest, but I had my doubts, so i refrained from doing anything. My boyfriend did them, but he would never tell me what it was like, and my brother did them but he had an awful trip. So I just excused the whole idea and continued smoking pot and drinking.

In these last 6 months I made new friends, that I feel 100% comfortable with, no tension. So one day they did it, and i didn't because i had a stressful week and i knew it would affect my trip. So I waited. and about 2 weeks after they wanted to do it, just out of impulse so i was i said to myself, I'm happy now so why not? So we bought them, a quarter and a half 1/8th to be exact. My three friends got the quarter and i got the half 1/8th.

The few hours before tripping I was pretty nervous, wondering if i had made a mistake. But once i saw the shrooms, I knew it was time. So we put them on some bagles with cream cheese (i recommend Cinnamon Raisin Bagel w/ Strawberry Cream cheese, you won't be able to taste the shrooms at all!) We started at 2pm. About 30min into it i felt pretty lopey, like I was drinking, because i didn't have that groggy burnt out feeling of being high, I was just hyper but loopy. We left the park and were heading towards a local beach with our sitter. When in the car, i "jumped" a few levels and just felt extremly happy, laughing with my friends and our sitter put on The Lost (a 60's california-beach band) and i automatically thought i was in the 60's and it was amazing, i felt young and free and reckless.

Then i jumped another level, and as I did the sitter's car broke down on the highway, we had to pull over to the side, but i didnt care, no one did actually, we all just embraced what was happening at the moment and we were all okay with the situation. We just listened to music and when i was sitting in the back between my friends, i couldnt feel them, I my legs and my body seemed entirely weightless and to touch their faces was the most amazing thing because i felt the soul and their warmth i felt completely connected with them, but weightless. my legs didnt feel like they were being pressed against by other legs and by the seats, they were air.

So the car finally started up, and we went to the beach, when sitting down, on this brick wall that connects to the beach shore I could see the rocks swirling in and out like sand. and the sky and the trees looked like beautiful paintings that you would see at a museum. I put my sunglasses on which made everything so much better. The depths of objects increased giving so much more value to what i was looking at. So then i sat down and talked with my friends about how I felt, and we talked about life. I told them how i didnt feel like i was tripping, I felt fine but then BAM!

it would kick in and i feel this euphoric wave flow through me and i'd look at the rocks and they would swirl. Time had vanished at that point, time before you tripped was gone and seemed meaningles and the thought of existing after tripping was nonsense. I felt amazing, beautiful and connected with everything and everyone. I was looking at the world as a child once again. People's opinions of me didn't matter and things that usually restrain me from doing things (like my weight) didn't matter. Life was simple and sweet and beautiful and the feeling of anticipation ran through me every second, i was excited for something but not knowing what it was. i would talk to my friends about love, life and everything in between and everything seemd wonderful, i felt on the same level with everyone, there was no tension and no worry or confusion between me and the girls while we were tripping. And my friends, who are girls who make fun of people all the time, didn't judge one person. but we didnt feel like we were out of control, we felt fine, amazing actually, like we were sober but we were just extremly happy and carefree (the way we should all feel all the time!) I would play with rocks on the beach like a child and i actually kept a few that i played with. (it was funny when i came home from tripping and seeing my 3 yr old nephew playing with rocks in the back yard just like how i was! I was a child again!) And i thought to myself "this is it, this is life" because all of lifes answers came to me, how i should treat others, myself, and the world. and i felt so sure and so relieved with these answers to know life was about happiness and no tension. of course it's hard to follow these "lessons" after tripping but it really does change you, my perspective on life is totally different. so we decided to go to the bathroom at the pizza place, and when i was in the bathroom the door and the wall would breathe in and out and the checkered floor would swirl in and out and it was really awesome to say the least i remember saying "oh my godd" and waking out to the pizza people staring at me and laughing but i didnt care at all.

By now it was 8pm and I was still going pretty strong, I would look at two objects on the grass and that would move up and down like on a water bed, but it didn’t freak me out at all I was completely okay with it. And cars, seemed pointless (the sitter already left at 5 for work so we were walking on our own) but walking was so much better, I really felt connected with nature.

ahh I feel as though I wrote too much, so I’ll just send this in, I feel like I was telling you all a story rather than informing you on the experience, I’m sorry if this didn’t help.

+++ I didn’t feel sick AT ALL, the only time where I wanted to puke was after eating the bagel and it was just because I don’t eat that much, so to eat a huge bagel with a lot of cream cheese was a lot for my stomach.

+++ If you don’t feel completely comfortable with the people your tripping with while sober, don’t trip with them, it will only cause a bad trip.

+++ Go to beaches, parks, and go out in the daylight! It is fun!

+++ And EMBRACE! what is going around you, let your mind, body, soul, flow through the motions on tripping because It was one drug you will love forever!

+++DON’T go home to your parents/siblings if your not comfortable with them, you will only get paranoid and you won’t be able to relax and sleep. I am extremely comfortable with my family, so I was fine, I felt even closer to them and loved them more.

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