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First Trip - Definatley a level 5, I was everywhere.

This was my first trip with Mushrooms - my friends and I had been planning to do them for some time, I really knew nothing about them, and I just thought taking them would be like being stoned with visuals - wow, was I wrong.

This was my first trip with Mushrooms - my friends and I had been planning to do them for some time, I really knew nothing about them, and I just thought taking them would be like being stoned with visuals - wow, was I wrong. We planned on just buying pot, but our dealer had picked up some shrooms and sold us: really didn't know what to expect, but hell might as well try 'em. I'm pretty open minded, and enjoy new experiences. I'm estimating now, that I took around 4 grams maybe.

We were at this girls house, me, 4 of my very close friends, and 3 girls (who in all honesty, I'm not very fond of the 3). Anyways, we ate them, and then just went on to things like normal. I knew I was the first to start feeling them - while everyone else was chilling, I went into the house to go to the bathroom, I came back out and for some reason thought I was Jack Nicholos, doing the Here'sss Johny! They thought I was wierd, but I knew I was feeling something. Pretty soon we all migrated back into the house and onto her huge couch - we were all feeling it, we just didn't know it. We started to become lossed from reality.

My friend was sitting across the table, I on the couch. I could see his fear, we were all basically saying What the fuck had we done to ourselves. We were tripping ballz. I could feel everything at once, see everything at once, hear everything at once, smell, taste - my brain was overloading. I felt the impulse signals rushing all over my body and back to my head. I felt what my friend was feeling, I was him and he was me. Suddenly, I zoomed into my head and saw a highway full of speeding cars - basically I feel that it represented what I was feeling.

Time was moving backwards - the clock said 11:30 at one point, then I checked it again and it was 10:09. Time was broken, and I thought I broke it. Meanwhile, another friend had ran into the bathroom, he was puking. My other two friends were actually swimming on the tile - I went outside. Soon as I stepped outside, I was in a warzone, trees morphed out of no where, I heard people yelling to look out for the enemy. I freaked out because I didn't have a gun to fight back with, so I ran back inside. No one believed me, but I shouldn't have told them - they all rushed outside, and they just basically fell to the concrete. I laughed, and went to check on my friend. Then one of the girls yelled out that he had died as a sick joke, I almost fainted and my heart almost stopped. Once we found out he was okay, I was still freaked out. By now, no one was in touch with reality, I estimate it was 12 at night, and the girls were all screaming so loud - I'm surprised cops didn't come now that I think about it.

Freaked out by thinking my friend had died, I went in to sit with him in the bed room, he was with one of the more silent girls making out. I really had no sexual drive, hell I didn't even feel like a guy (or a woman for that matter). I suddenly thought they were having sex, and a baby was emerging, which freaked me out even more. Anyways, I think I actually was in more of a loss of reality than everyone else - the guy friends of mine started to worry bout me, they tried to get me up from the corner of her bed (I was huddled, just trying to relax and chill). Meanwhile, while they were talking, I started to blink with my eyes and various objects transported around the room, and just random things like giant pepsi bottles appeared.

I was peaking, I had been peaking, and I couldn't take it. The girls were still screaming and it really did bad for me. I went out to the living room alone, and just tripped and started to calm down. Blinds morphed and melted, these cat things were talking to me, but I didn't know what to say back. The worst was yet to come though. All the girls rushed into the living room and started yelling, and well basically, I just puked all over her couch - I didn't even feel it coming up. They all thought I was dying, and even convinced me I was dying (I knew nothing about Mushrooms - which was a mistake I guess on my part to take them and not know anything about them). I thought I had to call the ambulances, but thankfully, one of my more informed friends (thank you), took my cell phone away and took me outside and convinced me I wouldn't die.

So I lay outside, trying to convince my self that this was just a drug, I'd be fine soon. I was really thinking by then, what the hell was I doing. The worst was still to come. The girls still screaming (Note: I have never tripped with them sense and NEVER will), and I saw all these lights just flash on. I heard all these people on cell phones, phones rang, people were yelling at us. I thought the cops were coming - then my cell phone rang, my Mom was wondering where I was. I stopped dead, forgetting all about my Mom, and there she was on the phone, wondering where I was. Freaked out of my mind by now, thinking cops were on the way, and I was going to jail, I told her to come pick me up (One of my friends earlier had already went home due to the girls). I could verly see the cell phone, I put it away and stared at the moon - I saw it slowly morphing into a man, who I am convinced was the Devil (Note: I am not religous at all, I don't believe in a devil or a god, yet this still freaked me out - I can only describe the moon morhping into a devil, or a demon). He was evil, I could sense it, and he just smiled and flew at me.

I jumped up and ran (I told my Mom to pick me up on the street anyways, so I would be away from the house). I ran infront of the house, thinking that it was a house of evil or something - that the moon was warding me away from it. I ran down the street, and it was circling, I was goign in a circle, I couldn't do anything, I was stuck. I fell, I thought someone hit me. I got up and kept running. I got to the main 'street', and luckily my Mom was there.

She really eased the trip, once I saw her and was in the car, I totally just relaxed. I was still seeing everything, stuff was flying, I was flying. I tripped out to info commercials all the way till 6 in the morning once I got home, it was hilarious (I don't know why).

I've tripped 3 times so far, this being my first, and I have to say it was my best. Despite the bad trip part, it really opened my eyes onto how powerfull drugs (mushrooms), are. It gave me a respect for them, and I really became interested in them, not only to have fun, but to try to open my eyes onto some more mind expanding things. I'm still waiting to step into an alternate universe.

Total trip time: Started at 10PM - Ended at 6 AM.
Peak was at 11:30 - 2:00 AM. 2:00 to 6:00 I just came down. Total of 8 hours, and I never regret it. Also, the story is some what missing a few things, I tried to make it flow as smooth as possible, but I honestly know that I at many times lost touch with sight, and just sat there, with blackness, not really even knowing what was going on, or not even caring that I was just sitting there not even absorbing anything. Almost like someone turned off my life switch. (It was probably that I just managed to get my eyes closed in all reality though, lol). Few things I'd like to advise:

1.)Trip in the right location, her house kind of freaked me out, it gave off bad vibes. I haven't been back sense, and I probably wont ever go back.

2.) Be informed - learn as much as you can about mushrooms before you take them. I only thought I would be stoned with visuals, I was dead wrong. Shrooms are VERY powerfull. However, I now know that I can't die from them unless I take a HUGE HUGE dose (More than humanly possible to consume, probably).

3.) Know who your tripping with. My 4 guy friends are knew. We have tripped great together, however the girls we didn't know and I think they ruined it for me.

4.) Have fun. Trip out and enjoy, hope they are as mind expanding and fun for you as they have been for me!

-Floating Mind

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