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first trip

I had gotten a hold of an eighth of some really potent mushrooms.

I had gotten a hold of an eighth of some really potent mushrooms. It was about 4 in the afternoon when I decided to take them. I was at my friend's house and we all had our own bags. There was 4 people there at the time, three taking the shrooms now and 1 taking her's later.

We got in the car and drove over to the gas station and bought some OJ. We got back and started to drink. Soon after I started feeling a little weird and laughing alot. Then I was hitting a bong and I looked down as I fired it up and saw that my legs were distorted and warped looking. It was nothing too crazy. Then whenever the lighter flickered it looked like lightning in the room.

We started watching TV and that's when it really hit me. On a commercial for some movie all the people had 2 eyes on each side of their face and 2 noses. Then I forgot what happened after that. A couple minutes later I started getting nervous and restless. I wanted to go for a drive and get out of there and thought I was going insane.

We got in the car and it was warped inside and it was at an angle. I felt like I was in some weird clown car. We drove to my friends house and ran up stairs with out his mom seeing us. We popped in the wall in the DVD player. The movie was so fucked up looking and I got sick to my stomach. I wanted to try and puke up the shrooms.

It was about 20-30 minutes that they started kicking in and I was getting used to it and started having a really good time. We were watching the wall and the movie was completely different. Everytime I looked at the TV all I saw was deformed people with one huge leg and one small one. We went back in the car after a little bit. It was probably an hour after we took them but I had no idea what time it was, where I was, or who I was.

When we started watching TV agian I had completely forgotten I had taken mushrooms and that I was just going insane. I also kept thinking about the same things over and over agian and comming to new realizations. Then the visuals started getting really weird. Everything was moving all the people watching tv with me looked crazy, like demons and zombies. I was having the time of my life. I watched TV and nothing made sense anymore.

THe tv was filled with bright colors and things I had never seen before. The TV was breathing and there was this bright pink color in it with this weird guy with a huge arm and a second head that was growing out of his first head. I looked at my arm and it was going really skinny and then normal agian. More people came over and it was crazy when this guy next to me's head stretched out like a snake. This whole time I was laughing maniacally and thinking I was crazy. We got back into the car and went over to a party. On the way there I kept thinking the same thing was happeining agian and agian. The world outside the car was completely different it all looked like castles and palaces. When we got to the party I thought everyone there was a disfigured zombie or vampire.

I hung out there till the 5-0's came and we got outta there. I was starting to come down. We watched some more TV. The man show and they were still pretty distorted looking and every once in a while there heads would transform into rats. That is pretty much my first trip, there is a lot of stuff I'm forgetting but whatever. I mainly just described the best visuals I got but there was alot of other werid shit that happened too, I felt like I was psychic and we were all thinking the same things. I will definatly gonna get some shrooms agian soon because that was a good fuckin time man.

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