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Good trip for my first time

Let me (username Kremit) preface this with a short bit of history.

Let me (username Kremit) preface this with a short bit of history... I'm 18 years old, Male, and 5'6" (168 cm), so I wouldn't be surprised if the dosage I had would have little effect on other people. After last night, my first time eating shrooms, the only drugs I've ever used are alcohol and shrooms. I've never been into any drug scene and have always used thought and good music as fun/enlightenment. A friend of mine (username Ramuh) became interested in mushrooms less than a month ago, and about a week ago he asked me to be a sober trip monitor while he took them. I agreed, not really knowing what was going to happen (lack of knowledge was somewhat of a bad idea on my part).

Anyway, a week later after him and another person in the area collected a large amount of panaeolus subbalteatus (pan subbs) from fertilized lawns around a local shopping mall, I decided to try some myself. We met up at Ramuh's house and weighed the batch, only to find it was about ~7 grams dry (there were over 200 mushrooms, so we didn't expect that even though they were pretty small). We split the batch into ~3.5 g piles, and started eating them with tortilla bread. The taste wasn't very pleasant, so I'll definitely go for some applesauce or drink mix next time.

We sat and watched some TV for about 30 minutes until it started kicking in. The first thing I noticed was how the TV was reflecting off of a door handle, and I stared at it for several moments. I also noticed a deeper sense of detail between a real plant and fake plant that was sitting in the room. Once I stood up, I felt very euphoric and started laughing uncontrollably. The first thing Ramuh noticed was that the room looked larger. After a few minutes we dimmed the lights in the room and it started looking somewhat hazy. By this point I was around a high Level 1. We then stepped outside and generally walked around looking for mushrooms. I started with a level 2 when we walked around the front of the house and noticed that everything had a more distinct texture. I could hear raindrops on the leaves of trees nearby. We went back inside and Ramuh started noticing visuals on walls... the wallpaper in the kitchen was breathing. We then went back outside and I had the sudden urge to jump over about 3 feet of bushes. This was when I realized how heightened my senses were... a helicopter came out of nowhere and was flying towards us, and for a split second my brain went into ALERT mode and I thought I was going to die. This is exactly why you should be in a safe place when tripping as little things like that can scare you very easily. I then started spinning around in the grass like a little kid and I seen colors just streaming by... it was amazing.

We then went back inside and started listening to streaming slow techno (Digitally Imported's Chillout channel). I started peaking around this point as I remember picking up a computer speaker and staring into it for some time (a good few minutes). I also started eating a banana and the taste and sounds started merging... the banana would taste better on the beats of the song. I then stared blankly at the computer screen for several minutes because I was completely mesmerized by the music and a graphical equalizer. I started coming down, but not before scribbling a stick-man (very fat I might add) onto a piece of paper.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience, and I am still amazed what I felt was a level 2. I can't even imagine what a level 4 or 5 would be like, but I'm sure I'll figure that out soon.

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