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First timer reporting

yo this is my story.

yo this is my story. i'm just turning 15 and i smoke weed all the time. but ive never been on a shroom trip before..my day starts early as shit..i sleep over a friends house and we wake up at like 9:30...i scrape the hell out of his bowl and smoke a crazy rez bowl at like 11..shit gets like 20 hits. then i use the rest of my bud to smoke one more bowl...later...at like 2 my bro gives us a nice eighth for 35...we smoke up most of that..then i go home..come back at like 6 and chill out(normal now) till like 7:30..by then ive scavenged enough money to buy a nice quarter...i smoke two bowls with three friends...come to the high school football game..and my bud has these two nice shrooms..so im like what the hell and eat those things-im feelin a little bit..so then me and the bud i ate the shrooms with go and smoke two bowls...fucking then im feeling it...and i have to ride my ass home on bike at like 10..and by then im on a trip...i get back to my house fucking triping like shit..questioning my life and fucking trying to convince my self i wont wake up dead and shit..now im writing this at 12:12 and im still feeling pretty high..but ive been comforted by the shroomery...and so that is my story

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