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First Time...Bad Trip.

It was a Monday night, the day after Christmas to be exact.

It was a Monday night, the day after Christmas to be exact. My friend Sam and I had some money, and i had been wanting to try shrooms for a long time.

Sam had done shrooms several times, and says there amazing.

So i call my mom to tell her that I'm going to be staying the night at his house, and she doesn't answer. So i told him I'll just buy them on Wednesday and we'll take them.

Sam didn't like that idea, he wanted them tonight. So he made me keep calling her and finally she answered. I told her i was staying the night at his house. She said "okay"

so he called up his dealer and we bought some mushrooms. We ate them at my friend nicks house at like 10:00. By 10:30 we were outside and they were kicking in. I felt absolutely amazing. I couldn't stop laughing and everything was just going good.

At about 11:00 we went back to Sam's house, and went into his basement and drank orange juice. Alot of orange juice. It intensified the trip sooo much. We turned on the T.V. and turned off the lights and turned on the black lights. This is when things go really messed up.

About 12:00am i was at my peak. For some reason, i started wondering what a bad trip would be like. Next thing ya know, i was breathing really heavily and i couldn't stop thinking about a bad trip. i told Sam to turn on the lights, and he was like "why, are you going to insane or something?" i just said "turn on the fucking lights" and as soon as he did, i puked. Everywhere. And from then on out, my speech was slurred like i was severely wasted. I had calmed down, and laid down, and i was still tripping, but i liked it then, it was very soothing and i felt good, i didn't feel sick, but i did feel extremely tired, and i couldn't sleep.

At about 2:30am i began to come down and i fell asleep.

After doing some research realized why i had a bad trip. First off, i was in a bad mood when i ate the mushrooms. I didn't want to take them that night, but i did anyways. Second, i was in an unfamiliar environment. I hadn't stayed the night at Sam's house in about 2 years.

Now i have to ask you this, and I'm trusting you guys because most of you are experienced...

If i take them again, in a more familer inviornment, and i am in a good mood, would i still have a bad trip like that? I really want to take them again, but honestly, im kinda scared to.

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