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First Time, Complete Obliveration

I happened to get a phone call from someone saying they had an O of mushrooms, and having never tried them, I took the initiative and got it, under the presumption me and all my friends would trip.

I happened to get a phone call from someone saying they had an O of mushrooms, and having never tried them, I took the initiative and got it, under the presumption me and all my friends would trip.

This was going to be me and two of my friends first times, while my other 3 friends have tripped plenty. The guy who grew them said they were unusually potent, and being my first time i would probably only need half an 8th (1.75g). Taking his advice me, my two newbie friends, and two of the other guys all ate half an 8th, with one rebel taking a full 3.5g. I was a wuss and ate it with a peanutbutter sandwitch.

Anyways, I was unsure of what to expect, so i kept concentrating on unusual objects and trying to make them move or do something trippy, of course, it didnt work. But after about 45 minutes i started to feel rediculously high, as if i smoked a crucial amount of bud. It was somewhat uncomfertable at first but i adapted. After another 15 minutes or so me and my friend (from here on out refered to as 'D') had shut up and were just staring at everything. It was annoying to say the least, because me and him were tripping and everyone else was still chatting away, smoking bud, being obnoxious, horsing around, and doing everything i didnt want to deal with while tripping.

The owner of the house i was at turned on his old record player, Black Sabbath's old album. Suddenly i was overwhelmed with the music. It wasn't just an outside influence breaking the boundaries of my ears, it was ME. it was in me, my mood rose and fell with the perfectly orchestrated guitar rifs produced by the band. At one point, at the end of "war pigs" the music speeds up and gets faster and faster and faster and more high-pitched, at this point in time i flipped out, i screamed, pulled my hair, and went into what later became "my box".

"My Box" turned out to be me with my jacket pulled over my head. It was a completly different world. I could distantly hear the actions that were going on in the room, the music, my friends (who still weren't affected), their jokes, taunts, jeers...but it was all so distant. On the inside of the box was pitch black. It was simply me and my mind, talking to myself. My friends noticed i had my coat over my head and started refering to me as Tommy the Turtle...I heard their jokes, and acknowledged them "in the box", i recall thinking "oh they're so clevar, oh well they cant touch me here, here in the box, here in the dark". They threw cookies and bottlecaps at me, yielding no reaction from me, because i was in my own world, in the box. Visuals in the box were interesting, it was pitch black but i could see patterns everywhere, moving back and forth in my minds eye. It made me dizzy.

Finally wanting to be out of the box, i protruded and realized i had lost all verbal skills. Concentrating hard, i would attempt to say "change the record" and it would come out "change therencoreclkrd" --Complete jibberish. This bothered me, i wanted to be able to talk, i tried and tried and tried again and again, but i was never able to produce a comprehendable sentence. By now everyone else was tripping.

Randomly, i got up and ran to the bathroom. Now the mirror they have in their bathroom has 3 sections, both of the outside sections fold in, and when met, make a Triangle, with the center section as its base. With my head rested against the base, i folded the two sides in against my head, so all i could see was my face everywhere. I started talking to myself, but my mouth wasn't moving. Suddenly i tilted my head, and a demonic expression came over my face, i thought to myslef "what are you doing, what are you doing to yourself you little demon, your ruining your life", in fact, i got so scared i ran. I ran and i ran and i ran, down the stairs, out the door, down the street, and back into my dorm. i slammed the door behind me and i was back in the bathroom. It had all been a dream.

Finally decided to go join the party again but got distracted by a lava lamp. I sat in the room for (i was later told) hours, listening to Beethoven's symphonies and staring at the lava lamp. I dont remember anything from this period of time except that i thought i was in the kitchen (i was in a bedroom).

After "coming down" from my trip i remember being in the most intellectually enlightened state ever. I had all the answers, im sure whoevers reading this can relate, it was truly a great feeling.

Anyways, that was my trip, i walked home, left my car there, came back the next day in somewhat of a stupor to pick it up.

Definitely the craziest experience of my life thus far, looking forward to doing it again.

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