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First time tripping...salvia

So i had smoked about 8 bowls of kronic during the day with a few friends.

So i had smoked about 8 bowls of kronic during the day with a few friends. my friend had just got done playing a sport and we decided that i should trip on salvia, something i had been wanting to do for weeks, but i had been gone. we parked in a small park and loaded a bowl of the salvia extract into my friends bong, i wasnt sure what the potency was but i didnt care...i took a huge hit and held it in for probably 20-30 seconds...i exhaled out the door and took a step out...the world seemed to spin trhough the windsheild as i exlaimed...whoa...BAM i was in a blakc hole...a huge thumb was there...inside the thumb were billions of pictures of normal things (kinda like the moving pictures in harry potter)...they were all cartoons...i was in random pictures trying to escape back to the real world and i had to find the right picture into the real world...(i kmnow this sounds redicouls and had to comprehend)everytime i would escape from the hole i would be sucked back into the myriad of pictures...numerous times this happened...i felt like i could escpae but as soon as i did i somehow got sucked back into the pictures...one time i was crawling through a door in the black hole wich was back to the park putting me back into relaity. when i was finally coming back to reality i saw one of my friends in front of me at the park...but my vision would minimize just as it would on a computer. i was seeing the real world finally but the pictures would just minimize agian and again and again...soon i was into my friends car and still tripping out with the "pictures" minimizing. soon time seemed to be moving backward bits and pieices of smoking the salvia would come back almost as if i was going back into time.

this expeirince was redicoulsly intense and im not sure if ill do it again.

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