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First Time Trip

My First Time I ate shrooms Me and My friend decied to really fry on shrooms.

My First Time I ate shrooms

Me and My friend decied to really fry on shrooms. He bought
a quarter oz of Shrooms. We had no idea what we were geting into. So we were at my dads house and only my dad was there and he was cool with us taking them. So my friend gets at my dads house around 7pm and we started to take the shrooms. I took 4 caps and 3 stems and my friend took the same. About 8 i wasnt feeling nothing but a little wierd. And my friend started to smoke some pot to enhance the effect. about 8:30 started to feel really wierd so i decied to take some more. I took 4 more caps and 4 more stems. And my friend took the same as me. About 9pm everything was fucked up. I was sitting out by the fire and my friend goes into the house and starts laying on the bed and starts tripin out and keeps looking at the wall and keeps laughing and i was trying to to lose reality. But soon i did. about 9:30 i go back into the house and my friend is gone. So i find him in the bathroom
in the bathtub looking at the tile so i started tripin to and the tile was moving around and it looked like liqued.

So my friend calls up his friend and starts talking to his friend. So i start tripping in the bathroom. It seemed like i was in there for like 2 hours but i was only in there for 10 mins. So me and my friend decided to go to his car and listen to the Beastie Boys Hello Nasty. And we started to really trip out we didnt know were we were so. We started to drive some were to listen to the music really loud. But we got scared and i told him to let me drive and he let me so we drove back to my house and my dad didnt even know we were gone. We had no self control
we were gone, out there, spaced, and fucked up

The end of the trip really sucked because we felt like we were so bad for doing this and how wrong it was and we felt really guilty and we wanted to die. But we didnt.

The whole thing lasted about 6 hours.

So if you take Shrooms be sure you no what your getting into

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