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first time summer 05

I thought about writing alot.

I thought about writing alot. But rather get straight to the point.
Summer of 05 I did mushrooms for my first time.

I usually don't do drugs except drink occasionally. I don't got allot to say and don't prefer to "hang" or "chill" with anyone, anytime. Some exceptions.
If you contemplating trying it. Try and look at it this way. Everything that happens to you in your life, whether its good or bad, will be to your advantage. It will make you abit smarter, stronger, etc. but don't lose control.

For me, it started at around 9:30pm on a boring Sunday night. I was called up by a friend who I had promised I would do this with him and some others one night. I arrived shortly after the call. There was bunch of guys i went to school with at his place and we all gathered around a small coffee table and divided the mushrooms. We began to eat them, dried. Some of the guys needed to mix the mushrooms with something to eat them. But i downed them no prob, it was easy for me, because my cooking tastes like shit..so I'm used to eating horrible food. About 50 minutes later stuff started to happen. I was seeing glowing beams of lights, red hued clouds, and allot of tracers..like from streetlights and rear lights on vehicles..like the bikes in that anime "Akira" with the bike chase scene. Everything was crisp and allot of object had a halo or glow to them. Different areas we walked through were weird. Going through this trail with allot of trees to the side, it looked as if the tree branches were trying to reach out and grab me. scared the pissed outta me. Walking in town i found it was very difficult to decide what side to pass things on. Such as a garbage can. I thought to myself "should i pass on the left or right"..and ultimately i ended up walking into things. Walking down hills it felt as if I was falling forward. Later, we all walked to the store and bought some food. Now this was where it got tricky. When i picked out some chips and went to pay for them, I found it virtually impossible to count my change. I knew what was what, I just couldn't count it or pick it up with my fingers. So i just gave the man at the register like $5 and told him to keep the change and smiled. Upon eating the chips, I could not pick them out of the bag very well and put them in my mouth. Also, chewing was difficult. Later on once we got back to the house this was where the trip started to ware off. We sat and watched TV, listen to some quiet music and stuck together. Also, during the whole time I kept on checking the time on my watch. And the times constantly changed. From 11:20 to 8:43 to 9:01 to 1:05,etc. Shortly after I went home after it all wore off.

The majority of the experience was very visual. I am unsure if I will ever try mushrooms again, right now I grow them, but I haven't tried them since. I am not nervous, its just I don't feel a reason why I should. I hope this gives abit of insight on what to expect, try to have someone you know to be with you at all times. Be safe, have fun.

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