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Good Trip

It all started when my friend and I went picking in this field out in the country.

It all started when my friend and I went picking in this field out in the country. (In Alabama they tend to grow everywhere)We found about 8 caps, it wasn't alot but enough for one good trip. When we got back to my house we ingested 4 a piece. He ate his straight, i was kind of hungry so i ate mine with some soup. Anyway 30 mins pass and we go outside to smoke a cigrette. When i steped outside the wind hit my face and it was the most amazing feeling ever.

So we start walking down the golf coarse by my yard and the pathway turned into a river that flowed with cool clear water, it was amazing. Then we went back inside to watch some tv by this time my trip wasn't fully kicked in but i was starting to feel it. All of a sudden i felt like i could move the entertainment center with my mind and to my surprise i actually felt like i did. I looked over at my friend astonished at what i did and he belived me. I finally went to my room to turn on some tunes.

once i turned some music on(by the way magic sound fabric is a great band to listen to) I layed down in the dark to start the visuals. After a minute i looked around and the walls looked like multicolored vines were twisting and joined and running down the wall til they took over the whole room. then the song changed and everytime the sound would pulse the walls would too. I grabbed a pin and sum paper to write down some of the crazy thoughts i was having and the pin didnt work so i tried scribbling on a piece of paper i had wrote on it then looked like i was erasing with the pen everything i had wretten down i thought i had a magical pin. I played around with that for a while then went downstairs to meet up with my buddy.

I got down stairs and started talking about philosophy to him. We came to the conclusion that the only thing that connects people is God and without God connecting everyone then people would be like objects to each other. After that we talked about life and how we could control anything just by our thoughts. Finaaly my friend looks down and says he can actually see his hair growing out of his legs i looked down and me as well could see hair growing out of my legs . It was the most bizar thing i have ever seen. We finally settle down and go to sleep outside under the stars. Over all it was a very nice little trip i just wish we could have experenced more

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