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First time 3.5 grams with lemon juice

I ate 3.

I ate 3.5 grams of dried cubes at my home. At 11 pm everything was alright and I was feeling that trip starts. I was lying on my bed and watching curtains, wall paper and ceiling everything was so cool. I could see different (friendly) laughing monsters, some kind of pyramids. But effects were going up and up. I remember that my last thought before my ego loss that "shit this is too strong!"

After 2 hours I came to reality. Only shattered memories of last 2 hours. Whole my room was messed up. I was lying on the floor chewing my mobile phone. I didn't know what happened, who I am, or what is this. Somehow I knew I am human and my name and I have been eating mushrooms. For some reason, I started to look after blood if I have killed somebody. Nobody was hurt except my own mental health.

It was fucking scary.

Not going to try lemon juice again not even with small amounts of shrooms :)

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