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First time - acid trip

I know this is a mushroom site, but out of the 30 or so times Ive done mushrooms and acid, this is the only trip Ive had that qualifies as a level 5.

I know this is a mushroom site, but out of the 30 or so times Ive done mushrooms and acid, this is the only trip Ive had that qualifies as a level 5. It was also the first time Id ever done psychedelics. I was 17 at the time.

Id never been a big partier in high school. My senior year Id gotten into drinking and smoking pot a bit and had decided that I wanted to try psychedelics. I had a few friends who were also interested in pushing the envelope of experimentation. None of us had ever done psychedelics before. One of my friends managed to hook up 10 or 20 tabs of acid from someone he knew. Of my circle of friends, he, S, another friend, D, and I all hung out more or less on a daily basis. I think it was a friday night when we hooked up and were planning to go to S's house to watch a movie or play some video games or something like that. After we were all in the car, S told us that he'd hooked up some acid. We decided then and there that we were gonna try it out that night.

None of us really knew what to expect. Id done some reading on 'hallucinogens' and was expecting on seeing colorful, swirly hallucinations and hearing neet sounds, etc. I was not at all ready for the mind trip. We decided we'd take some and play monopoly of all things. We decided we'd take 2 tabs each because we wanted to be sure we'd feel it. We certainly werent disappointed on that count. We found out later that the tabs were double dipped, so we wound up taking about 400 mics each (4 regular hits worth). A good first time amount is supposed to be more like 50-100 mics. 100 mics is a standard trip.

We took the hits and started playing the game. After about 45 minutes things were getting all shiny and we all were getting very giggly. I remember that the paint texture on the wall all started melting in on itself and I saw what looked like little laughing faces in the paint. By about an hour after we'd dropped the game was completely forgotten and we were all well on our way to losing our minds.

The effects continued getting stronger and stronger over the next hour or so as we started to peak. I remember seeing clear rainbow patterns flowing across the wall, each color having its own pattern. Everytime I looked at D's face it would slowly change into a wearwolf. His face would elongate and grey hairs would sprout from around his eyes. He would begin to grow fangs. He didnt look evil, just like a wolf. Id look away and then look back and the whole process would start over again. The wierd thing about that was later on S told me he'd seen the same thing. I guess D just has wearwolf-like features. S's face also would undergo the same process, but he'd look like an Aztec warrior, with his nose becoming beak-like. I just remember his face looking really smooth, like a statue.

Anyway at about the 2 hour point, I really began to lose it. I was tripping balls at that point. No matter what I looked at, as soon as Id look at it it would change or melt into somehting else. The effects werent at all what I expected. I didnt know Id basically be losing my mind. I began to tell myself outloud that everything was going to be ok. Unfortunately we werent prepared for the paranoia that was starting to grip us. D asked my why I kept saying that over and over again. He was paranoid that I was saying it in like an evil way, like 'dont worry (hehehe) everything will be alright...just let me get my knife'. That wasnt how I meant it at all, but thats how he took it. To make a long story short, the three of us retreated into seperate corners of S's room as we entered the peak.

My mind was literally blown for the next 2 hour or so. I was basically a drooling mass, lying on the floor. My mind blared on and on like a freight train. I remember I couldnt control my thoughts, they would just randomly loop over the same thoughts over and over again. I was a helpless observer trapped in my own head, unable to move and unable to control my own mind. I was literally helplessly riding the snake. The outside world ceased to exist. It was like being in the middle of a constant explosion of thought. I was no longer using my senses. I was looking at anyhting or listening to anything. I was just lost in my own head. It was agonizing.

Finally after what turned out to be a couple of hours I began to regain control of my thoughts. I came back to the real world. I have no idea what D and S were doing during this time, but I became aware of the room and of their presence once more. I remember S yelling 'shut up trashcan!' and kicking the trashcan across the room. I returned back to a more standard psychedelic experience, with everything melting and the random background noise patterns. By about 8 hours after we'd dropped I only had sort of light background visuals and was recovering from having my mind blown. D and S decided they wanted to take another one so I did too. They went downstairs to watch Silence of the Lambs, while I just lay on my back and watched the visuals intensify again. It wasnt nearly like the first time, and after a bit I just fell asleep.

When I woke up I was basically down, but D and S were still lightly hallucinating. We went for a really long walk and they kept stopping to stare at bushes and what-not. I was just exhausted at that point and was glad when I finally went home.

Anyway like I said I know this is a mushroom site, but I didnt really read many other stories that sounded like they were really intense enough to what I would call a level 5, so this was my story.

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