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First Hard Trip

Species: Psilocybe cubensis Dose: 14 good size, fresh shrooms Ok, bare with me on this one.

Species: Psilocybe cubensis
Dose: 14 good size, fresh shrooms

Ok, bare with me on this one. I was just thinking about how I've never wrote a trip report before and decided what the hell? So, I'm going to tell you about my first heavy trip off shrooms. It will probably be long, being as this trip is one that I learned the most from and one that I remember good. I ingested a lot of shrooms to be the first time I really tripped.

Well, it starts out with me and a friend just sitting around being bored. I had just grown some shrooms or the first time, and had good results. Anyway, it was around 9:00pm and we where just chilling in my room and talking. I was really bored and thaught about the shrooms. I decided I was going to try a few, I was in a good relaxed mood and figured it would be a nice little learning experience. I asked my friend if he wanted any and he said he did, but he wasn't going to take any because of his girlfriend. Its a shame when your best friends get whipped by a girl, heh. Anyway, I asked him if he'd stay in here with me if I tripped just to watch over me and keep me company. Of course, having nothing else to do he agreed that he'd stay in here with me. Well, I go over to my ready to harvest shrooms and pick me 4 large ones. I didn't have any scales at the time, but we tried to judge them using nickels (5g each) and they weighed somewhere around 20 grams (4 nickels, heh). I figured that'd be enough for a nice and heavy trip. Well, I gobbled those up and sit down on my computer and turned on some music (paul oakenfold, dj irene, paul van dyke, etc).

Time passed, about 30 minutes, and I didn't think I was feeling anything, so I decided to eat more. I had already harvested all the shrooms and they where in a desiccant chamber. So, I bring my chamber over to the computer with me. My friend has been sitting in one of the recliners in my room and listening to his own music on the laptop. Anyway, I tell him I'm going to eat more and he was just like "whatever you want to do man". So, I start eating away. I ingest a four more. About 15 minutes pass and I'm starting to feel a good buzz, probably from the first shrooms I ate. I start talking to my friend about like everything. Past girlfriends, fun times we'd had togethor, etc. Me and my friend, we'll call him Jon, are mainly idiots. Heh, I mean we just cut up a lot and do stupid things that are funny. So, we start talking stupid just trying to make each other laugh and everything seamed funny as hell to me. I'd laugh at stuff before he'd even be through saying it. Anyway, I'm starting to get a good buzz and the walls and just about everything else are beginning to have a roundish feel to them. I start calming down, about like I'm stoned or something, and we start talking serious. I felt so good, I was relaxed and my mind felt so clear, it was just great. I get on the computer and go search for some music to download while still talking to Jon. I'm feeling good and decide I'm going to go chill in my other recliner and listen to my music. My room is a great place to chill when I'm tripping. I have two 4ft blacklights, a lava lamp, glow in the dark stars, strobe lights, a laser ball, etc. Anyway, I go sit down and I'm watching my door. It has those rectangular designs in, two long rectangles on each side, then a single square at the top of each side. Well, it only looked like on long rectangle on each side and it began getting smaller, then back larger, and pretty mush repeated that little pattern for a while. I glance around and notice that my walls are starting to bend in and out. I'm pretty much in a stoned mode now and just watching everything move. I get up and go to the computer for some reason. I turn around and start talking to jon about how I feel and he just makes comments about how it must be great and stuff. I'm like "it is great" and I decided I wanted to experience the fullest effects of shrooms. So, I return to my harvested fun guys and grab half a dozen good sized ones and a few small ones. I go and sit down in my computer chair and begin talking about everything again, pretty much prophesizing about everything that came to mind.

I start eating on my handfull of shrooms and talking about my thaughts and stuff. Its only around 10:15 or so right now. My friend decided he was going to look for optical illusions on the computer and he finds a lot of sites full of freaky stuff. I've already ate a few of the shrooms in my hand by the time he found the first good site. He had been glancing at me as I was eating them like he was a little concerned. We look at the first illusion, it was a picture of a "beautiful" woman with her head turned and we didn't know what the illusion was at first, then I noticed it was also an image of an old woman facing sideways. This just blew my mind at the time and kind of freaked me out, I was thinking about how that picture applies to life and how there's so many things that are right in front of us that nobody notices unless they're really looking for it. It kind of freaked me out at how quick all that came to mind, then I explained to jon how to see the old woman and he thaught it was cool. I laughed about how serious that image was to me and how he didn't think anything of it. I toss another shroom in my mouth and Jon looks at me and laughs, he makes the comment that I'm eating them like they're a snack. Well, to try and make this a little shorter, I ate all the shrooms I had over the time we where looking at optical illusions. So many of those illusions messed with me. They started looking like they where scrolling down the screen when they weren't, it took me a while to notice that jon wasn't moving them any. Then, my trip was kicking in good. I started seeing symbols and acid burns on the images, the first one was a face. I'm pretty much in a stoober now. So many thaughts are going through my head at the same time.

I look at the clock and its only 11:00 or so, it felt like it was around 1 or 2am at least. I stand up to go to my recliner. As I'm walking/staggering over there I look at the floor. The carpet seams to raise up towards me and hundreds of little canyons appear in the carpet. I look at them and then I just fell out of my body. It felt like I slid from my head all the way down myself and into the canyons. That was the first really freaky thing that happened. It felt like I just had a very realistic dream withen a matter of seconds. When I come back from whatever the hell that was, I'm laying in my recliner with a quilt over me. I have no idea how I got there, that little "dream" I had of falling into the canyons seamed like it was a long dream now. Now, I'm back to looking at my door and my walls and stuff. Everything is bending and sort of melting and stuff. Then, my quilt (which was glowing from the blacklight) seamed to have a dark flame that came up from it. This flame was burning at the bottom of everything I could see. Then, my door, shelves, stars, just everything I could see seamed to melt and run down into my television. I'm amazed by this stuff, I lean up on the edge of my recliner and look over at my friend. He looks at me and kind of grins, I'm just left speachless from all the thaughts flowing through my head. I glance over at the clock and its only 11:05 now. That confused me really bad. I just ignore it cause of how freaky it was and I just stare at everything. Stuff was moving around and having tracers and everything. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen. I can't remember what happened after that but I have another dream. This dream was of how the mushrooms I ate where now a part of me and I was a part of them. It was like they where trying to teach me something. It seamed like the shrooms where an extension of some spirit or something. I don't know what it was, but it had a lot of feeling to it. I can't explain what the dream was about, but it seamed to have more meaning than anything else did that night. I come back to consciousness I guess you could say and its now midnight. Everything is moving so much by now, but I'm so use to it at this point that I don't think anything of it. It felt like I was on a tour through this new world I had entered. I was thinking about how the mushrooms must still be trying to teach me something. I got for a little walk around my room and my house to see what I can see. I had a thaught about how mushrooms could just be allowing us to break through the barriers of the physical world. I thaught they where breaking through these barriers so effectively and that was the reason for all the visuals. It was like everything in the whole world just amounted to one thing as a whole. This kind of messed with my head again, heh. Anyway, I walk back to my room feeling all happy and stuff. I get in and just stare at everything from my door with my mouth open, as I'd been doing just about everytime I seen something interesting, and watch my visuals some more. I walk over to my bed and it looks like its made of water or something. I guess it was from the blue sheets and the blacklight. I run my finger across it and it seams to ripple just like water, of course it was just the sheets "rippling" but it still amazed me. It made my bed look so comfortable, so I just collapse onto it. I'm laying there now and I felt like I was at the bottom of a river. I just let my mind go about breaking down every idea that came to mind. I layed there just thinking about how relaxing water is.

Again, I come back from my little daze and look at the clock. Now its only 12:30, I look around and wonder where in the hell Jon went off to. I forgot all about him, I walk to his room and sure enough there he is. It felt like I hadn't seen him in forever (like literally forever). I just stare at him like I'm retarded or something and he kind of laughs at me. I tell him that I have to show him this stuff. I wanted to take him on the same tour that I've been on. I begin to lead him to my room and I glanced in the bathroom and seen a poster of homer simpson that we had in there. I noticed how thick of a pen they used to draw him. The poster looked about the size of a postcard from where I was at and I noticed how out of proportion the couch was. I try to tell Jon about my new findings and walk to the poster to show him how its out of proportion. I still think its only the size of a postcard and try to use my fingers to show him the measurements. Then I notice that my fingers are too small to do that. This amazes me again, I was like "whoa... it was the size of a postcard" and jon was like "its a postcard?" and I said "no, it just looked like one" I look at him and he's looking at me about to laugh. I wanted to laugh but I was too messed up and I just exhaled a little bit of air. I lead him back to my room talking about god only knows what, I try and explain my visuals and I shown him my "water bed". He just tags along and looks at everything. I thaught about how nice it was of him not to think I was retarded, heh.

After a while I decided I was going to go to bed so Jon leaves and goes to do the same thing. I lay in my bed and just think about stuff to try and put myself to sleep. Doesn't seam to work too well, so I open my eyes back up and think about how hard I'm tripping. I just watch the black stuff dissolve into the white stuff in my room and then reappear as I'd been doing. I watch my lava lamp, it had these little black balls inside of the lava. My dart board was sliding around my wall. I was still amazed at this stuff, heh. Anyway, I look at the clock and its like 2am now. It only felt like it had been 15 minutes since I'd gotten Jon to come to my room. Thats when I noticed what the mushrooms where trying to teach me. They where showing me what time was. I tried to judge time and I just couldn't do it, "how long is five minutes?" I'd ask myself. I didn't know, it confused me. I started thinking about time and came to the conclusion that time is life. It was confusing me, but it made perfect sense at the same time. Without time, there wouldn't be anything. I can't explain it unless I'm on shrooms and to understand it you'd have to be on shrooms too more than likely, heh. It was crazy... I start thinking that I'm never going to stop tripping and go to get Jon. I walk into his room and wake him up, he laughed cause when he woke up I'm just standing in the middle of his room looking at a wall. I go sit down and explain to him how messed up I am. He was talking about how he was messed up really bad the first time he tripped acid really hard and how he tried getting ahold of me and stuff. He said that he had the same feeling about never being normal again. I ask him if he'll come and talk with me in my room. He does, we both sit there and just talk about stuff. I told him that I don't even know what I mean when I'm saying this stuff and that I forget it as soon as I say it. It was crazy, I asked him if I was going to be normal tommorow or if I was going to still be tripping. He said it should be worn off by morning, it was 3am now, time seamed to have just kicked it into overdrive or something all of a sudden. I lay there and try and go to sleep just thinking about how Jon was there to assure that nothing bad happens to me. Eventually I fall asleep, then I wake up thinking that someone knocked on my door. Jon was asleep so I woke him up to tell him I could fall asleep now and that he could go to his bed, so he leaves. I finally fall asleep and wake up the next morning amazed at how much of a learning experience mushrooms are :)

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