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fire dancing

I was at the biggest forest party i had ever experienced; there were probably 100 people and 3 fires, 6 kegs, a dj, and about 50 pipes and joints being passed around.

I was at the biggest forest party i had ever experienced; there were probably 100 people and 3 fires, 6 kegs, a dj, and about 50 pipes and joints being passed around. After having just one beer and a couple of hits from a pipe, my friend trevor came along with about 2 ounces of shrooms. I had done acid once and hated it, but what i'd heard about shroom trips persuaded me to have some. trevor gave me like 5 caps and 7 or eat stems, and i ate them all at once. more and more people started pouring in, and i left with my friend will to go to the store and buy some more cups and steal a bottle of vodka. at this point i was just a little giddy. when i went into the store, the lights were extremely bright and the floor was shimmering and reflecting like a sunset on the ocean. i had to take a piss while my friend bought the cups, and on my way to the bathroom, a little old lady in a wheel chair zoomed by me, her hair was growing rapidly and turning orange and yellow and pink. after i got in the bathroom and took a long piss, i look in the mirror and just laughed when i saw that i had accidently left the door open behind me. When i looked into my face, my eyes where turning in circles and the pupils had little twinkling stars inside them. I looked at my hands and it was purple and cold. instead of fingers i had toes on my hands and the lines in my knuckles were moving around like worms. The tiles on the floor were moving in lines like a traffic jam. My friend came in and we left back to the party, forgetting entirely to steal that bottle of vodka. But i didn't care at all. On the way back, we were playing Santana really loud on my stereo, and the music felt soooo good to listen to. my friend started flickering the inside lights on and off like strobes. green shadows were waving across my eyes and the trees around me were white with gold leaves and had little gnomes looking out of holes in the trunk. when i got back to the party about 3 hours after i had eaten the shrooms, i was starting to trip really hard. The lights and shadows in the trees were moving and displaying scenes of fish and birds. i could hear people's conversations on the other side of the party, and thought i could read their minds. when i looked into people's faces, their eyes were spinning like wheels, their noses were bubbling up and popping out of their faces, and their teeth where blurry and bright and large. at this point i was having so much fun by myself just observing people and feeling the ground move around under my feet, i decided to climb into a tree over the fires and just watch people. after i had climbed about 25 feet into the tree, i stopped on a sturdy branch, and just sat still. the stars above me looked like colorful fireworks. The tree was swaying to the music i was hearing. the people below were all looking at me, and i was laughing at their distorted faces. after about a half-hour of people trying to get me to come down from the tree, i climbed down and ran around, leaping through the fires and dancing to some weird music. people's faces started turning into monkey faces and flowers and cd players and all sorts of shit. thats when the world started spinning and i felt upside down. i started puking and my friends helped me into my car, where i just slept the rest of the night.

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