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Fat people

Ok so I'd never done shrooms before this night, but I had always wanted to.

Ok so I'd never done shrooms before this night, but I had always wanted to. I was talking to a friend at a pool hall one night about getting some weed, he said that he didn't have any or know where to get any but he knew of this guy that might be able to hook us up. I told him I'd pay for half if he wanted to get a 1/4 and have a party, so he went off to the phone booth to call this guy, I went to get a soda. A while later he (let's call him Chuck) came back and said that we were going to have a party but no one else was coming.

At that point I didn't know what to think but I was hoping that he wasn't going to get some hard ass shit that I'm not into. We got into my shagin' wagon and headed for this guy's house (ever notice that all of the drug suppliers in the world are known as "this guy, that one guy, that guy, etc."). We pulled up and he said that I should stay in the car, I asked if he needed money but he said that he had it covered. He was in the house maybe 5 minutes, came back, and told me to drive to his house.

I parked and we went inside, said hi to his parents and went up to his room. He pulls out this baggie of shit from his jacket (that's what it looked like anyway) and split it up into two piles, at which point Chuck told me to eat it. Before I put any of the stuff in my mouth I demanded to konw what the hell it was. Just eat it man. so what the fuck??

I downed the stuff (as quickly as one may down dried shit) and then Chuck finally told me what they were. So now I'm thinking cool, I get to try this that I've never done before, hell yea. we put on some Blink 182 and waited, and waited, and waited...just as about to tell him this sucked and I was going home, it hit (45 min).

I first started to feel diffrent, that's the only way to describe it. Then it got weird! I was like looking at some patterns on his wall when this giant squid thing came grabbing for me from his lava lamp. I was all freakin' so I ran down stairs to where most of the rest of the night took place.

Chuck's parents were sitting watching TV in the living room and I decided I'd join them, (just to warn you, each of Chuck's parents weigh at least 250 lbs.) and I'm watching what ever the hell they were, when Chuck's dad's fat attacked me!! I was all like wrestling with the fat and yelling and shit. I thought it would be better to fight at the source of all this fat. So I jumped his dad (not only was he fat but also an ex-army guy or something like that). Chuck's dad's face was all distorted and looked like something out of the Evil Dead, but luckily I got away before he could suck out my blood. I ran to the kitchen where I grabbed one of those hanging crosses (yes, I know, I'll go to hell for this) and marched back in the living room proudly displaying my new aqusition. Chuck's mom got all upset about this because I could see her eyes melting. I decided that it would be better to leave. I went outside to my car but all of the doors seemed to be gone, I couldnt' get in. I thought I could cut a hole in the bottom of the car and climb in, with my keys but that didn't work. At this point I found myself ot be stuck under the car, I fell asleep.

I was all messed up when I woke up, I didn't quite remeber what happened but I thought I shoud drive home. When I got there I called chuck to see if he knew what happened, after about the third try (each try before someone had picked up the phone and hung up) Chuck picked up the phone quicker than either of his parents. After getting yelled at for like four hours he finally found out what happened.

Apperently I was up in Chuck's room for longer than what seemed like just a short while, but when I went downstairs I was watching TV just kinda zoning and Chuck's dad had thrown a blanket at me to get me to snap out of it, and then I jumped on him and he pushed me off. After that pretty much every thing went the way I remember it, (except when Chuck's mom's eyes were melting she was crying) Needless to say, I'm not allowed at Chuck's anymore ;-)

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