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fastfoward trip

My freinds and I were at a kick back and we wanted to ecperience something different then pot.

My freinds and I were at a kick back and we wanted to ecperience something different then pot. So we bought an 8th each of shrooms. This was my first time ever doing a drug besides pot. I was the first to start tripping because I ate my shrooms the fastest. The house we were at was filled with people. Probably the worst thing to be around when uou are tripping. This one guy who is a tweaker came up to me nd started talking about the cops. He mentioned many different things that scared the shit out of me. The room started to spin and everyone had 3 heads. I was so scared that all I could do was cry. I just wanted to be around my best friend Paul. He was the only one I felt safe around. For the next 3 hours he held me in his arms while I cried. Everything was running my nose, eyes, and mouth. I couldnt control my body and i couldnt walk. He started to trip and couldnt constantly stay with me. He left and i started freaking out again. All i could think about was dying. I had the biggest felling of death. I was positive that this was my last night. I felt as if the world I lived in was not real. Life was better on shrooms. Life was a big puzzle that needed to be solved. I would ask the same questions over and over again because I forgot I had asked them. People were scared of me because they couldnt believe the trip I was experiencing. At one point I tried to eat a bowl of cereal. I took one bite and couldnt handle it It tasted so weird. I then put both my hands in the bowl and played with the milk. eventually the cereal had to be taken away cuz i kept wanting to spill it. My favorite thing that night was this frog candle. I played with for most of the night. I even put my hands in hot wax because it felt good even though it was burning the shit out of me. Things at this party started to get out of hand. Random people were having sex and tweaking. I couldnt be in there. Paul couldnt either. Its the life we want to avoid especially while you are shrooming. Tweakers are the worst to be around. So Paul and I went on a walk. We found this spot that was so chill. It was a rock in the bushes by a waterfall. We sat there for an hour in the rain. We couldnt even feel the rain even though we were soaking wet. Eventually we left and we went to the laundry room and sat in there for 2 hours. That was the best part of the trip. I felt safe in that room with Paul. My trip started to be fun and I calmed down. I still couldnt walk right but thats all in good fun.

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