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Its the easter holidays, so me and a few freinds decide to go on an amsterdam mini cruise.

Its the easter holidays, so me and a few freinds decide to go on an amsterdam mini cruise. i have been to amtsterdam a few times before but only to smoke weed i had never taken any of the shrooms from there. Anyway when we arrived on the saturday morning we headed straight to a cafe to wake out selves up with a nice smoke. we then headed to the nearest head shop to buy some shrooms, we decided to get the strongest ones possible, as we hadn't had shrooms in a while. i bought 10g of fresh Copelandia cyanescens.
just before we headed to the port to go back home, we all necked our shrooms ready for the journey home on the ferry.
Once we had entered our room i could already feel the mushrooms kicking in (the uncomfortable stomach sorta thing) after about 1h:15min after i had taked the shrooms i layed down on my bed and this is where my memory had totaly gone caput. i had no idea of who i was where i was and who i was with, though i wasnt scared for some reason, then the really crazy shit started happening. all i could see was myself pouring fanta over my head, constantly snapping out and thinking "shit why am i wasitng fanta" then i kept seeing other stuff to do with fanta like the door was a huge fanta bottle. my freinds also told me that i had asked where someone was who had not come with us to amsterdam, infact it was someone i had not seen for a long while. this trip seemed alot more that what i have written but i cant recall anything alse happening, i feel as though the mushrooms i had taken where the best type i had ever taken due to the fact that there was not much there

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