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Fairy Princess.WHAT?

This friday I went and stayed at my friend Briana's house.

This friday I went and stayed at my friend Briana's house. Earlier that day one of my friends sold us a ounce of magic mushies. I figured it'd be safe for me to just take 3, so I weighed it out and actually just took 2.6 grams. She took 2.

After about 45 minutes, things started to change intensly. A couple friends came over while we took the shrooms and we smoked out until they kicked in. We were sitting outside and my friends face started getting bright red, i was laughing pretty hard at him.

Once everyone left and it was just me and briana in the apartment, we started going insane. I kept looking at her and would get scared shitless because she looked like she was some sort of evil fairy sitting under a blanket in some sort of fairy world. And that she wanted me to get her stuff and she would trick me and kill me. Then all of the sudden i realized i was standing in the middle of the living room for about 2 hours screaming at her while she just sat there laughing hard and crying. I looked at myself and said "why am i standing" so i went and sat back down next to her. THen all of the sudden she turned into this beautiful fairy, like a green one from fairy tales or something. We were flirting, and even though I had dated this chick for over a year before we broke up, I was scared to touch her. Like it was a new girl, some fairy girl that I didn't know.

Then I started cooking us some food in the kitchen and realized that I was playing with the oven and stove which put off like 500 degrees. I all of the sudden realized that "shit i'm going to hurt myself". So i went and sat down again. Then I got up and fucked with the stove and oven again. I probably did this about 10 times, and each time i was up there i was like "oh shit i'm going to hurt myself, i need to sit down"

But once I sat down I was like "why am i sitting here, i want some food"

Once 3 hours had passed by, I was still going strong. It was like me and briana were either flirting with each other, or having thoughts of killing each other. THoughts would jump in our head of grabbing a knife or picturing strangleing the other person with a extension cord. We both realized that if we were in the kitchen near knives, that we needed to get away from there, or if we were playing with an electronic, to get away from the cord.

When we were sitting on the couch or on the balcony, briana kept freaking out because bugs were crawling all over her feet and legs.

Throughout the whole experience we would all the sudden catch a grip of reality and say "what are we doing".

We didn't even realize that we had a DVD in the TV that had been repeating the opening title for about 3 hours straight. We were just sitting in a room looking at each other freaking out with the TV repeating the same opening music for hours straight.

At one point when briana was on the couch, we had been laughing so hard that our eyes were watering. After looking at her for so long seeing her eyes water, i thought she was crying. So i started freaking out and started crying. And started running around the room saying "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" and just freaking out.

I would have to say I have never tripped like this in my life, we completely lost our grips of reality and had no clue what was going on outside our doors. We didn't even dare walk outside the apartment. We thought about walking just 1 building over to my apartment to grab something, But we both knew we'd either go off in our own worlds and get lost or just go psycho out there. We went on the balcony once about 3 hours into it and sat there for 5 minutes and realized we were to insane to just sit there. I can't wait to do it again tonight :)

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