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one day bored and like the trip head i am idecided to buy a half ounce of shroooms.

one day bored and like the trip head i am idecided to buy a half ounce of shroooms. the kid said they were good however, i never tripped hard on shrooms. so i decided to eat an 1/8 and see how ifelt and then i would eat the other 1/8 when id come down. i had a good trip day two: i wake up the next day and decide iwant to trip nice again. afterall i got some visuals and euphoria. this time i eat an 1/8 and dont fell nothin so i wait an hour(nothin) i decide to eat te remaider 1/8. my friend wants me to go to taco bell with him. next thing i started to talk jiberish about the chiwawa at taco bell and i kept saying, "yo quiero taco bell" and laughing. everything was going well and i knew iwas starting to trip cause of my crazy attitude. when my friend and i got back to the appartment i stepped out of the car and felt pins and needles sticking my legs and crazy electrical pulses were running up the back of my neck. i felt my face yet my chin felt like it was drooping real long. everything became distorted. i went into a state of delerium and was pacing back and forth through out the roomtalking to my self in some launguage i didnt even knoe. then ifelt sick. istayed in the bathroom and was buggin out iwas totally lost and felt like their was something going terribly wrong. I went back into the living room and kept puting my head to the wall because ifelt as if i could go through the wall and i was morphing into it. then i saw these q bert like cubical shits fly at me out of the wass. then i collapsed for the first time on the kitchen floor were iwas thinking of puting my hand in the garbage diposal in the sink and turning it on. I knew iwas loosing it this time i felt like iwas totally possessed by some type of demon and i was not in controll of any thing i fell to the floor again screeming to my friends help. i thought i was dying and was hearing demonic voices and wierd electrical sounds in my head. my friend came out and tried to get me a glass of water. took one sip and broke glass. was in mad anxios state so my friend decided to hide all dark objects. later it got so intense that i was ripping at my face w/ my hands and tearing at my genitals as well as poking my eyes with my fingers. my freind and his girl were trying to calm me down but i was lost. so tired and energyless i sat down with my face feeling as if it was becoming a part of the table. then i shit my pants. BBAAAAAADDDDD. the next day we had to throw the couch out. I always said after tat trip i would never eat shrooms again however i love shrooms and i figured that the waY TO EAT THEM IS TO PREPARE YOURSELF MENTALY AND DONT GO INTO A MUNCH FRENNZY ON YOUR STASH BECAUSE YOU COULD LITERRALLY WIND UP SHITS CREEK IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

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