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Faces in the pages, tears in the eyes

After three trips in which I took a half of an eigth of shrooms I considered myself educated in the world of the mushroom.

After three trips in which I took a half of an eigth of shrooms I considered myself educated in the world of the mushroom. Among friends I enjoyed the bliss of this powerful drug. Over that period of 2 months I learned a great deal of things about reality and the human condition. I decided to try something new, to take a full eighth of very powerful mushrooms by myself, in my room.
I stocked my room with food, cigerettes, and pop. The walls are covered with posters and paintings, it was perfect. I wanted to learn everything, to be wise. Since I just decided earlier that day that I was going for this journey, I made the mistake of eating a large lunch and dinner. After consuming the caps and stems I sat there in my car infront of my computer and listened to music and played videogames. After the buzz was strong and the screen made little sense I decided to smoke a large bowl of kind bud to myself. At this point it was perfect, I had my window open and I was listening to the sound of the train passing by. Thoughtfullness and Contentment, the objective of the quest was in high gear and I was happy.
Then.... Things changed.... I thought I knew... I didn't.. Navigation of the computer was impossible.... the shapes and swirls that once were letters.....
I had to lay down... the music turns to silence....My water bed welcomed me with open arms... I needed a place to go...What happened? I wanted to learn... to be wise...to think about my life... Whats going on...
In my bed i was bombarded with vivid hallucination... visual and auditory... Things sliped off my vision... My first few trips were mild hallucinations... I could control them.. I knew where my body was and the buzz wasn't overwhelming... This was different... I had no clue what time it was because I unplugged my clock...
I just sat... Trying to think...
BUt... forever taken away by sight... and sound.. I hear police sirens.. (no that doesn't make any sense) IT's so loud, they are closing in.. (you are just hallucinating)... I see the blue and red stream across the windows.. (silly, it is just the flame of the candle u just lit)...
GOd these posters!!! what are they trying to say?... what are they... what was I supposed to do?.. I had something to do.. (you wanted to think about important things remember)... oh yeah i want to figure out life... but.. the sound.. i hear voices.. whispers.. a voice without language... damn... these walls... (I stand up and start touching the celling, I was proly laying in my bed for over 2 hours) I laid back down... I couldn't stop seeing.... This place was giving me the fear... Stop... (I closed my eyes) WOOOOOWWWW bad idea... the blackness turned to streaming colors, like a waterfall of pigment... the waterfall began to change, take shape... of a room..... a room with everchanging walls and colors... it was awesome... but then... the colors on the walls started to join together.... making shapeds... I see faces... (are they the ones that are talking to you? It is very hard to explain but I saw walls that faces were coming out of, streaming down the wall, the faces would change, smile and scream)... I hate this... WHat was I doing?... I wanted to do something... (Remember, you wanted to think)... oh yeah.. think... but the walls... where are my arms.. (At this point was my peak, i couldn't feel anything, visuals were lost, i couldnt stop them or even control what i saw, shit, i was along for the ride).... Tears... (I am crying)... the refresh my eyes (I didnt move my body for a long time, proly around 2 hours, i only moved my eyes).....FUck... SHit.. I neED OUt... I wanted this to mean something... but what?.... STop.. YOU... STOP!!!!... (At this point I opened my mouth and tensed up my whole body. The walls of my room shook and blew backwards from the power, everything became distorted) I had to get back.. get normal... I moved.. finally i moved.. I grabbed a book... I opened to black pages... Then... Faces came out of them... like pushing faces against bed sheets... I cried... then went to bed

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