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This experience happened one day after school in grade eleven.

This experience happened one day after school in grade eleven. My older brother had just returned from college and with him he had brought 20 freshly picked mushrooms. That night i ate 8. At first it wasnt too bad, thigns started moving and i was becoming very contemplative, when suddenly i realized that i had been living my life as a sinner, and that god would find me unworthy. I ran outside of my house with a knife, it was raining so i couldnt see anything and my aers were killing me. I began to think that the rain was a sin, and that by listening to it i was deviating from the path of purity. I began to cut off my ear, and finally did, but i soon passed out. I woke up, 1 week later at the hospital, without any fingers on my left hand and was missing my left ear. I now suffer from mild schizophrenia. My brother having ingested 12 mushrooms had a psychotic attack, and is now currently taking heavy doses of medication and suffers from full out paranoia.

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