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experience to remember

Before i try to describe my trip let you tell you a little backround information about myself, I am 17 years old and lived in one town my whole life.

Before i try to describe my trip let you tell you a little backround information about myself, I am 17 years old and lived in one town my whole life. I experimented with marijuana at about the ninth grade and have been a regular user since. I drink occasionally, and have also done morphine, and some other pills. So that is basically my drug backround in a nutshell. So this would be the first time taking anything psychedelic.

It started out with my friend, (lets call him bob) He got a lot of mushrooms and decided it would be a good idea to trip with me and my other friend, (lets call him John) John and Bob have tripped before but this would be my first time. We agrred that one eigth for each of us would be a suffiecient amount.

The Day Of The Trip

I was getting out of work and we decided to meet at a park in my town that led into the woods. It is a cool fucking spot. So me bob and John each gobbled up an eigth and started walking out into the park. AT first i have to admit that i was feeling sceptical, like nothing was going to happen and i wasted $35. But Bob assured me i would be all set. Within about 20 minutes i began to feel very adventurous, and excited, it was a strange change of feeling. AS the time went by my legs started to feel like jello as we were walking through the woods. We then reached a waterfall in the woods and these were the first visual patterns i could see. Things started to change slightly. I could tell it was different then before. But in no way was i saisfied with this, i was hoping for more. WE then started to walk along a side street and i started to lose track of time, as it became meaningless. I was tripping hard now as we were walking back to the park we arrived at. Every pattern was moving, shapes were kind of melting. I remember that my hands felt like they were stuck to my pockets. But most important of all i felt great. Like i could conquer the world. The way i was thinking was different then ussual. It was like i was a philosopher. I was not paranoid once while on this drug, which is the total opposite with weed for me. Towards the end of the trip when it was nearing 11 pm i decided i should go home. I then got a sudden rush of depression at the thought that i had to go home like reality just kicked in, but it went away soon. I was back to myself and felt great the next day. I remember driving home that night and looking at my spedometer and watching it move up and down along with the lines on the road. eh not as dangerous as it sounds. (i wasnt tripping hard anymore)

IN conclusion all i can say is this experience really enlightened me about how great psychedelics are. I have nothing bad to say about mushrooms. It's a shame i can't get my hands on them more often.

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