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exit this world

my first shroom trip experience was much different than i expected.

my first shroom trip experience was much different than i expected. it was early in the morning and i was with a great friend. She and i ate a few caps and stems each with some snacks. the taste wasnt that terrible; it easily went down. the anticipation was killing us as we chilled on my bed and waited. after about ten minutes i kept feeling that everytime i blinked, for that second my eyes were closed started to feel like a really long time. each time i reopened my eyes after closing them the room would get different shades of red. it was as if the shrooms started hitting me in waves. i was totally enjoying the feelings i was getting and i just wanted to trip hard. the waves kept coming and i was staring at my ceiling fan, waiting for it to do something trippy. it didnt. then i said to myself that i have to stop looking for the feelings and i just have to let it happen, so i just closed my eyes and let it come. that felt like an eternity, and i felt my soul escaping from my body. opening my eyes i finally managed to say a word to my fellow tripper. i said hey are u feeling anything and she kept saying naaa, but i kinda saw in her face that she was spacing out and was and escaping from this world too. we had saved some caps from earlier because we heard that the amount we got was too much. at this point we both felt soo great that we just said screw it and ate the rest. excellent idea because i then felt the waves again and i reached a whole new state of mind completely. we then decided to smoke a bowl and that made the experience much trippier as the whole entire room felt like it was made of static and we were in a different dimension looking at it. i didnt see a full on 3 dimentional figure halucinated. everything was normal except for this static aura type thing around each object. everything was great to just stare at and watch mold and glow with the static.

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