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That is the Answer and the Question that is taken in the minds and hearts of humans. It is that little spark that can create life. I beleive that I have found that. But as the answer states, it is not simple it is Everything!

The Parts of Everything that I have witnessed can be divided into many parts.

Everything - PSYCOTIC
Everything - MECHANIC
Everything - BLADE

I will go into all of this in some minor detal, at least right now, and I may go into full detail at later times. They will also be called Everythign and Under their respective Titles.

Everything - PSYCOTIC
This is the stare that freightnes most of the people who trip or do anything else. The loss of controll and tasting madness. This is Mainly a..... ENHANCER

Everything - MECHANIC
This is the standard controll of body functions and mechanics that work the world. Muscles, and function This is Mainly a....... FUNCTION

Everything - BLADE
This is the fury that lays within each or us. The only required ingreadeant used to kill. Like the line that is showed on the sword. The shapness. This is Mainly a...... ENHANCER

The point that you know that you are doing somthing that has a moral value. Can also be seen as a conshious. It is also a basic function, for humans. This is Mainly a....... FUNCTION/ENHAANCER

This is the controll mechanisim. Like a keyboard or of the Like. Any thing that can be be a foucused or controled. thought. This is Mainly a......... FUNCTION

What I have learned is that the mind functions with these and posibly more elements and parts. I will go into some more final detail later..... But now I will include how there parts and elements work to do tasks.

These parts are sorta like Mana for the Magic Game. You may use one mana to do an emotion or movement. More you put in the more complex the task or emotion you can achieve.

PSYCOTIC + BLADE = Vast killing thoghts. This is normal but if the OPERATION SYSTEM or CONFERMATION do not include themselves or are taken out, and there is nothging stoping them.

OPERATING SYSTEM + MECHANIC = Using your body to start a function or a task on the item. Like operation a car or working on a computer.

CONFERMATION + PSYCOTIC = The state of confusion that makes people think that whatever they're doing is either good or bad. No mater what other people say or other parts of their mind saying. Add some BLADE and if the CONFERMATION is corupted to make the user kill and think that they are doing god sent thigns or good items.

And if anyone part doesn't work or Overly works, it can cause problems. And if One part crowds all the other ones is will cause the user to go insane, but in diffrent ways.

PSYCOTIC - Insane amount of "Ranting and Raving"
MECHANIC - Thrashing about with body movements.
BLADE - Destruction of Many Types
CONFERMATION - Everything is turning out "OK"
OPPERATING SYSTEM - Overthinking. Either always learning or always teaching.

It is now very confusing. I beleave that the exsperance resides in another part of memory above the starndard conshious. Lets say the quantum level. I can only remember what the standard memory medium. While up it was converted to quantum for the exsperances. All that I knwo is that I will continue to write about this and learn all that I can. But also that is the reason that people do meditation or any other type of mind ultering devices. To touch the resses of the mind and touch a piece of perfection. Or as it is sometimes called......... GOD.

I still have to sort threw what I have entered, but I believe that I have not achieved somthing more. I was always one to belive I should not do anything drug like to reach a god like plain. I just wanted to see visuals. But now!!!!!! All is diffrent!!! Yet is the same!


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