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Everyone Needs Mushrooms

Mushrooms seem to be rather rare in this part of the country.

Mushrooms seem to be rather rare in this part of the country. I had only done them twice, but there were always promises of more coming but it never happened. Thats when I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. So me and my friend whipped up a huge batch and did them several times with friends. All the trips were cool, but the last one by far was the most intense.

It was the fifth flush after I had dunked the casing and there were about 12 caps. I took them all by myself at around 2 a.m., which is more then I had ever taken. For most of the trip I did not leave my room. These were big o' mushrooms and they were quite disgusting. I ate them by first eating a strawberry, chewing them into a paste in the side of the mouth, then throwing in a mushroom, then downing that mess with water. It took me a while to get those suckers in. After about 20 minutes I got the last one down. Almost at the exact time I ate the last mushroom I could feel them creeping up on me. I had no idea how intense it was going to be. The room starting changing colors, from green to blue, then to yellow. I couldn't figure out why. I watched TV for about 5 minutes but couldn't handle it anymore. My room started looking enormous, it looked like my closet was almost on the other side of my house, but it was in my room. I was seeing patterns everywhere. I looked down on the plate where the mushrooms had been and saw all the dirt. I honestly got lost in the dirt for a good amount of time. The golden flakes from the vermiculite were too much. After that I was feeling a little sick so I laid down on my bed. Above my bed I have a Sublime poster (the one with a sun and crazy patterns inside of it). The poster was honestly moving closer and closer to me until I thought I could touch it. I suddenly had a strong urge to go to the bathroom. On my way back, everything appeared to made out of wood, even me. I spent a good amount of time just walking around my room checking everything out. There were more visuals then I had ever experienced. I found a journal and starting drawing and writing.Everything I was drawing and writing seemed so good, but the next day it was just a bunch of gibberish...included in the journal was a conversation with myself (which made no sense), a drawing of the guy from the Samuel Adams beer commercial (dat good beer), along with 5 other pages of nonsense.

To me the coolest part about mushrooms aren't necessarily the visuals, but the mental effects. I truly believe that mushrooms let you expand your mind. I wish I could get everyone in the world to experience mushrooms just once. For me the mental part of the trip occurred after I threw in a CD (Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium - Mars). I was laying in my bed staring at the mirror thats on the head board just looking at myself. I had the biggest damn pupils I had ever seen. It was like I was analyzing myself in the deepest possible way. I learned so much about my self just looking into a mirror and watching. I finally figured out that I liked this girl who had been around forever and I saw that she cared for me too ( I found out that she really did...weird). Beyond that it seemed that I was able to jump into other people's minds and understand their points of view. It was so beautiful, the universe made perfect sense. I got up and looked at this poster of the universe and I felt like I was sitting next to God just watching and knowing everything. Damn it was cool. I started crying, but not in a sad way. I was just so amazed. I couldn't wait to fall asleep, then wake up with all the new experience I had gained. It was almost impossible to fall asleep.

Finally I fell asleep for about half an hour. It was too hard so I decided to go take a shower and maybe that would help. I was still trippin way too hard and my mom was already up. It was very windy and stormy when I woke up and all the windows were open. I attempted to make my way to the shower but everything was just to strange. I felt like I was hungover, and my mom was watching me make my way over to the shower. She asked "what did you do last nite?" I tried answering her question but I couldn't so I literally just ran back to my bed. I was scared she could still see my pupils because they were still enormous. I laid in bed for another half an hour until she left. I started feeling really sick, I think the mushrooms were a little off when I ate them because I felt like shit and couldn't wait to throw up. Finally she left and I managed to take a shower and throw up. I felt much better, but everything felt wrong. My bathroom looked totally different then ever before. DAMN...still trippin...I was ready to be done. I felt like a giant in my bathrooms, everything seemed to small even thought I knew it wasn't. It was very strange and perplexing. I couldn't take it any more. To me the even more annoying thing was that it seemed I had forgotten much of what I had learned during the nite.

Finally, after I laid down for another half hour, everything felt fine again. I felt very inspired and I decided that I was gonna walk all the way from my house down to Lake Michigan and back. Just as I was about to start walking, I crashed and fell asleep until 3 in the afternoon.

I hope that there are people that are learning more about mushrooms and more people taking them. I wish there were more scientist looking into mushrooms and not just considering them an evil drug. I think mushrooms can teach us alot about ourselves and they should not be considered illegal. They don't cause people to harm others, but work quite opposite to that. EVERYONE NEEDS MUSHROOMS!

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