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Good Nights!

For the Record!

For the Record!!! Stop Posting Bull-SHIT...

Ive done shrooms a good 4-5 times, I'm mostly into weed, like to occasionally get Drunk... I just turned 17 a few days ago and threw a pretty sick party for myself "LOSER" lol... I had about 10 friends come over + My girl friend and we took about 3 grams each... Roughly 75 $$ worth all together... At first everyone feels Little sick, just till Ur blood starts pumping then Ur body tries to fight the Poison off, and thats when the good shit starts coming... Very first trip i got was on my wall... Has lines going down it that started tracing really bad, Posters were Allot lower then normal and my pool table had more balls then it should have... I was laid back and relaxed watching "COOL WORLD" Sick movie, My buddy Brenden took 5 grams MORE... He was so fucked up he started tripping bad, so we had to put positive thoughts in his head to keep him sane... The worst trip i ever got was at my ex-girlfriends mothers house... I got paranoia and had to leave... Never was did i loose my mind and just random shit pop into my head... It did open a gateway tho and i thought shit HITLER wouldn't even think of... My tip for the first timers... Take it slow don't do to much, slow rapid sessions... start with a buzz and let it slip on into the night...

P.S: for all the losers that say they saw good and saw monsters and shit... Ur Crack heads not Shroomies!!! Acid doesn't even do that unless uve don't the good cartoon shit... Anyways have fun and Remember no mater how high u get just think positive and remember, Not everyone is on drugs like you...

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