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entity of joy

This trip was an expected and prepared for totally intence trip.

This trip was an expected and prepared for totally intence trip. On a Friday night in my room with my brother I ate 9 grams of Azerisons (not sure about the spelling) and it automatically let me know a crazy trip was on it's way. About half an hour into it already I got all the normal visuals I have ever had. Breathing,morphing,inverting,coliding,and crazy color paterns and tracers. It was real intense but I could still feel that it was only the beginning. Me and my brother then decided to smoke some really excellent Kimo Marijuana. Wow, instantly everything just went insane and I left my body and I felt like I was wipping around the room and melting because of the speed. Thif continues for what seemed to be years and then I returned to my body but my mind wasn't right. I then began to see a giant face coming threw my wall and then it turned into a head and body. It just kept changing until it was a human like looking spirit or something. I am now told from somebody it was an entity. It spoke and said now that you have experienced this life will be simple and you will always be filled with joy. Then the antity walked into my body and I could feel the hapiness and joy and love. That was two days ago and I feel the same great way now. Just not tripping. I still believe it was real thank you for reading

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