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End of the Universe

Me and my best friend got hold of 6 grams of p.

Me and my best friend got hold of 6 grams of p.cubensis. I had newer tried shrooms before, but i was experienced with acid. My friend however had eaten shrooms before, 6 grams infact, but he had newer tripped this intense as we did.

It was a friday evening, my parents were in our summer cottage and my older brother was out of the house. The clock was 8 and we mixed the shrooms in two cups with milk. 3 grams in each cup. We drank the mix and started preparing for the trip, before we would get too stoned. We rolled a couple of cigs, started up our two computers (we were going to play some starcraft) and we dressed up comfortably. I started playing Juno Reactor on my stereo, and 20 minutes after ingestion, i started getting auditory enhancements. Everything was great and i felt good. After about one hour, it started to spin around quite a bit and we started playing starcraft. I thought it was real fun, the game got three dimensional and i were sucked in into the screen. My friend couldnt handle it and stopped playing.

So we started listening to shakta. It was great, i felt like i was raving with lots of people, and i danced in sitting position. I felt great, but my friend was getting anxious. He said that it felt like his whole life had no meaning, and i started to feel the same. I was worried i was getting hurt by the shrooms, and we both got anxious very quickly, and now, our hallucinations we´re intensifying. About two and a half hour had passed, and we were lying in my bed, seing skulls and horror when we closed our eyes. My friend started crying, and insisted on that we should call 911 (112 here =) but i told him it all would go away, if we just didnt care about those bad feelings. I was pretty upset my self, but i faced the horror and started jumping around, screaming in happiness (quite faked in the beginning) but i started feeling much better, and so did my friend. In a few minutes, the bad feelings were gone. But the trip we´re intensifying more and more.

I stopped jumping around and sat down on the bed, beside my friend and we started talking, i was completely gone, i didnt have any personality left, i didnt know who my mum was, and i started believing that all my life was fake, and i was evolving into another state of consciousness. We asked each other what would happen if we did different things, like put out a cigarette in our palms, and stuff like that. And somehow, i completely lost reality, and experienced some real weird stuff. I felt the pulse of the universe, and i saw it all dying, it got sucked into a black hole. The black hole was sucking up all the universe, enabling another big bang in the future. And i ceased to have control over my body. I breathed lighter and lighter and my senses got more and more strong, i was on the virge of death, but it wasnt as i thougt it would be, eternal rest. I couldnt move or breathe and i heard voices saying "life wasnt as you expected it to be" or something like that. I thought my friend was imagination, a ghost, reflecting myself. I could still see, but i thought the universe was gone, i thought i had to live in bore for an eternity, not able to close my eyes, or move. My arms was swinging around, uncontrollably, feeling the wall, the bed, my mouth, picking my nose. My feeling was incredibly strong and i everything in my sight shifted.

I almost stopped breathing and i laid down expecting some kind of death. I wasnt afraid nor did i feel bad. I just accepted it all. I stopped moving and breathed faintly. I laid on my bed with open eyes, echoing voices was raving my head and i heard my tinitus real loud. I laid there for a while and suddenly, i could move again, but i thought that was the afterlife, i ran downstairs, thinking i was dead, but very surprised i could still move as i wanted. I stepped into the shower and regained my consciousness and stepped back into reality. I heard my friend call for me and i stepped out of the shower. He asked me if i was okey, i still thought he was in my imagination, and i didnt reply, but at last, i managed to burp out the word "shroom". I looked at my watch, and three hours had passed, since i first lost the grip of reality. We fell to sleep, completely exhausted, and the next morning, i this weird fat head ache.

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