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Elmin Eddel

So this was my 5th time trippin and this time i REALLY wanted to trip wild!

So this was my 5th time trippin and this time i REALLY wanted to trip wild!!!!So i took about 17 grams of psilocybe cubensis shrooms and it happened. It took about a half an hour to start but it was worth it. After then it started. (i was alone). At first i was watching tv. i was watching like seinfeld or somethign like that or friends or something and my tv exploded!! it just like BANG!!!! like exploded!!! that was the start. so i went into the kitchen to eat something so i took a banana and all of a sudden a head pop out the top. it was a devil and it said to me "Bwwaaahahahah look at you now prettyboy! And see me mock you!"

Then his head exploded. that really freaked me out. i sat back down on my couch and put on some wutang. thats when Elmin Eddel comes in. as i was listening, the walls started to breathe. a bright light came out of the wall and out jumped a fuckin leprecaun!!! he had a big green hat and orange hair under it and he said

"Hellooooooo, me name Elmin Eddel!!! Welcome to my realm!! Did you see me pot of gold?! Did you steal it?!? I piss on your rotted soul!!!!!"

he started to fuckin piss on me!!!!
so i cracked him in the fuckin jaw and he got sucked back into the bright light. "nnoooooooooooooooooooooo" he scream as that happened. that wuz the story of Elmin Eddel.

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