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E,Acid,and shrooms!!

Well, lets just say my day started out normal.

Well, lets just say my day started out normal. Woke up hungover, smoked alot of weed. I live with two of my best friends so I am constantly in a haze. One of them grows mushrooms and he's really fucking good at it. I always eat his mushrooms and have never wigged out on them like I did this time.

We had our night already planned out. After we sold off our acid and E, we were gonna go to this Rave that my friend was throwing that night. We got rid of most of our drugs and were getting ready to go to this rave. My friend Matt (the one who grows the shrooms) wanted to get really fucked up so we decided to just go to the rave and consume the rest of our drugs since we were already in the profit margin. So with this in mind he gave me an 1/8 of shrooms and to tabs of E. I had 15 hits of some really good acid left and so I gave him three hits and I took three myself. After that we both took off for the rave and munched on our shrooms the way there. When we got there and got out of the car, I could feel the acid taking effect because I was really antsy and jumpy. My friend informed me that he was starting to feel it and we both agreed to smoke a joint before we got in the line. After the joint, we went over to the line and it wasn't that big but it didn't look like it was moving at all. Thats when I went crazy. There were all these weird people standing in the line. I couldn't stand it anymore. I was walk ing around in circles going crazy. All these people were trying to talk to me but I just stared back at them slackjawed and mumbling incoherently. I wanted to talk, but my words just came out mumbled. I looked around for my friend but he was nowhere to be found. A wave of panic overcame me and I just stood there sweating like crazy, fumbling through my pockets looking for something, but I knew there was nothing in my pockets that were gonna help me, until I found a little medicine bottle in my cargo pocket. "MY TABS!!!" i thought as I pried open then bottle and popped one into my mouth. Right then I thought, "What the fuck am I doing? I can barely handle myself as it is and what do I do. TAKE MORE DRUGS!?!?" Then all of a sudden someone tapped on my shoulder and I looked back at them and screamed "WHAT!!!", panting heavily, I probably looke like some psychotic drugged out fiend and realized this as the kid looked back at me like some crackhead and just pointed ahead of me. I looked forward and noticed that I was holding up the line really bad. So I turned around and casually walked up to the front. Right when I got to the front, some weird ass candy raver girls jumped in front of me and started talking to me in these annoying high pitched voices and they had finger puppets on there hands. I coundn't handle it anymore and I just started clawing at my head and tried to zone everyone out. ALL I WANNA DO IS GET THE FUCK INSIDE MAN!!!! After what seemed like hours, I finally got inside and found my friend laying there on the ground completly fucked out of his head. I walked over to him and asked how he was doing. He replied with a groan and gave me a thumbs up and so I just left him there. Figured he'd be fine. The music was really loud and the dancefloor was packed. I walked over to one of the speaker stacks and just sat there in front of it for like three hours, my brain was numb (along with my whole body) and I was drueling like a braindead vegtable. After a while I decided to walk around and mingle with people, but I couldn't move. I was stuck there. So I just sat there, with this look of fear on my face, sweating like mad. After a while, some girl walked up to me and gave me a face mask rubbed with vapor rub. Vapor Rub is the shit when your on E and so I put on the face mask and she asked me if I was doing alright. I told her I was doing great, other than the fact that I couldn't move if my life depended on it. So she offred me a back rub and I was obliged by the offer and so she proceeded to rub my back. The feeling was incredible and I could feel waves of pleasure and energy surging through my body. I almost went into a coma I liked it so much. After she was done, I got up and felt great, I could move, talk, and I could also tell what was going on. I gave her my last hit of E and smoke a few bowls with her as a token of my aprreciation. After that, I decided to find my friend and after about twenty minutes of looking, I found him in a dark corner, still zoned out of his mind. I told him it was 6 in the morning and he agreed to give me the keys to his car so I could drive home. Probably not the smartest thing but hey, we had to get home. I didn't get to sleep until like around 1 pm. Man, what a fucking incredible night. Thats the last time I take that many drugs at one time man. I wish we would of had some nitrous though, that would of been cool.

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