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Dumb?? oh ya so dumb.

Well is was August 13 at 8pm when I ate the shrooms I'd just done them a week before and had the best visual trip of my life.

Well is was August 13 at 8pm when I ate the shrooms I'd just done them a week before and had the best visual trip of my life. I staged my trip for a phycodelic rave trip. but this trip was alot more intense then this. Visuals I'm more common with experiencing. Well this trip was completley mental for me. Nothing seemed as it should have. I lost total control of my mind. First of the shrooms were late bloomers well atleast I thought they were. For the first hour I didn't feel high however I went into a my friends computer room and put on some trance to see if it would help trigger my high. It started to as I was staring at curtains with teddies on them. I'm staring at them and all of the sudden they start coming to life and my mind starts thinking vampires as I just watched Underworld Evolutions. I got so scared I had to leave the room. I went to the basement and again no high I seemed sober as hell. So I ate even more shrooms. did about 7shrooms in total by the end.

After a bit I decided to test the computer room again. well this time I couldn't sit down at the computer for more then a minute as again the vampire curtains came alive this time I wasn't even staring at them. So I just left and said no more I was way to scared to go back in. After a little bit I calmed down and made myself realize I was an idiot. Then I wen't upstairs and decided to go out to the crayola fortress as We so call the multi colored fort outside in the backyard. Again nothing happened I felt sober. SO I wen't inside. Wen't into the psr (pot smoking room) and smoked some pot out of the bong. Normally a bong will do me good as weed is not my friend. However 2 bongs later I felt good. So it was I think midnight by the time we left the PSR.

I walked around the house abit trying to figure things out and I couldn't, Finally my high hit I realized visuals were not going to happen tonight. So I let the shrooms have their fun. 10 minutes or so later I started feeling young. I basically couldn't remember past this point however my friends filled me in on my high. Well I started feeling like I was 5yrs old. I talked like one and acted like one. After about 30 minutes of this I walked outside and went to the crayola fortress and thats when my friend and his girlfriend came over and well all of the sudden I felt 40-50yrs old and we'd been living here for atleast 20-30 yrs. In reality my friends only lived here 3 months.

That feeling lasted about another 30minutes. After that they went inside and watched TV I was soon to follow. When I got to the back porch I sat down and while my 2 friends were talking I couldn't talk. I didn't even understand what they were doing. I didn'y know how to talk or what talking was. Again starting to freak out a bit because I normally know what I'm doing. So I kept to myself Playing with my feet.

An hour passed and I still felt stupid still I can do anything just don't understand. After this hour everyone headed inside leaving my outside alone at 130-2am. I started to talk to myself and I just couldn't for the best of me understand me. After about 10minutes I finally stood up and walked into the living room where everyone was sitting. They were watching Devils advocate. The movie was very intense as If i was in the movie yet I didn't understand anything my mind was completely blank. After the movie they all went to bed I couldn't sleep at all, my friend that did them with me didn't do as much and just slept. This being around 3am and starting them at 8am. Well I started watching Zorro#2 and it was intense just as Devils Advocate was. by 4am I started feeling tired and I finally woke up the next day wondering what I did parts of the night.

I never experienced complete brain malfunction like that in my life. only thing that kept me going was my knowledge of shrooms and the fact that it will fade away soon enough. This trip was my 9th trip in just under 2 yrs.

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