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Drifting Away..................................

This is the most hardcore experience I've ever had on mushrooms.

This is the most hardcore experience I've ever had on mushrooms.

One night after a concert, me and a couple of friends popped some boom booms (slang here for shrooms). Anyway we took them around 11:00p.m. After around half an hour I was feeling pretty good, the walls were breathing and I felt that giggly feeling in my stomach. We decide to go for a ride with one of our friends that was sober. We were driving on the interstate for about half an hour when the road started to melt together with the 20 ft. walls on the sides. This was a pretty amazing site. About twenty minutes later, we stopped in a parking lot so my friend could get down and use the restroom. I began to really trip now as the tracers from the cars were making me laugh uncontrollably.

The rest of the story is pretty distorted as I was fried to the bone. I will tell you what I am able to recall. We went back to my friends house and began watching TV. This is when things began to escalate like no other. Up until this point the trip was relatively intense, nothing that I haven't experienced before, but it just kept getting worse. So, I decided to close my eyes and lie down on the couch, since I always enjoy that. The visulaizations were spectacular but soon became too intense. So I opened my eyesand saw the crziest things ever. If anyone has ever seen a program called "Drempels" and put it on the fastest speed, that is as close as I am able to depict what i was seeing. I wasn't able to distinguish my friend from a standing lamp. From this point on, I am not able to recall what was happening.

My friends told me that I started looking at them through a glass coffee table and then i just all of a sudden got up and started talking to someone??????? They said that I was on the couch for an hour talking to something , but what seemed like myself.

So I began to come down after what seemed like hours. My sense of time was extremely distorted. I was so tired from taking in so much that all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I still had a body high from hell. As I tried to lie down, It felt as if I were floating. And there was nothing beneath me. This made me toss and turn until I passed out, I guess!

What's weird is I took roughly 2.5 grams and tripped like never before. I've taken 5 grams before and it was not half as intense as this time. Any thoughts????

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