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Dream away!!

I don't really know where to start telling you about my first time tripping last week.

I don't really know where to start telling you about my first time tripping last week. I was at my friend's house and they were tripping really damn good, all I knew is that it looked like they were having a blast!!! so ofcourse I got really tempted and ate 4 cut up shrooms and some oj for the taste. This was about 1:30 am and around 2:30 my body was floating, that's when I knew this was going to be for REAL not the stories that you heard from others.

I saw red laser lights all over the ceiling, I couldn't believe it!! so I told my friends and they started to laughed and told me to just follow my mind. Every time I closed my eyes I saw all this bright weird colors coming in and out, all kinds of different shapes. Then I went into my world, where I was in super mario world the (nintendo game) and I was mario, it was just so cool that I was trying to rescue the princess. I was flying in the sky with my little cap trying to collect the coins. I snaped out of it when my friend past me the joint and asked me if I was ok. Then I realized all the stories about shrooms were REAL. I started getting kind of scared because all this different thoughts, were taking over my mind and I couldn't control it. I had this voice in the back of my mind that kept telling it's all going to be ok. I think that's what saved me from going crazy.

In the way back to my house around 4:30 am we had to take the interstate and I was so gone, sitting in the front passenger's seat the road started to move side to side,the white lines where melting. It was just so crazy, then I looked in the mirror and saw blue lights behind us.(it was just me cause we didn't get pull over).Well I got to my room and by this time I was going along with my mind, I layed on my bed turn the lights off except a little candle.

The room was just so small, it turn miniature right in front of me, but I kept going along with it. It was just so awsome..the best thing was that little voice in the back of my head that kept me from flipping out and helped enjoyed the long night... to make the story short ,it was the greatest thing I had ever tried. It seem like a long ass dream that I was actually feeling things.


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