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Dots, Shrooms, and LSD


WoW! Talk about tripping. My worst, yet best trip, happened a couple of months ago. At our school we get off the last Thursday of every September because of a fair in a nearby town. I have made this thursday a yearly "trip day". I have tripped on this day for the last 5 years, but this year was out of this world. Here's the lowdown: I woke up around noon and my one friend came over with a joint. We were smoking it out back when two more of my friends showed up with an 8th. That was soon smoked and we were out of drugs. I knew we need to get hits but didn't know how. When we need drugs we go sit out front of this one particular store and wait for someone to drive by.(much easier than calling a million numbers) We got there, and went inside to buy sodas, when the worker said he had taken some microdots and said he could get more. We said we wanted some and he said to come back in an hour. We came back and I bought two microdots and instantly sucked them suckers down, as my buzz was diminishing from earlier. He also had shrooms and hits on him and offered them to us. I split an 8th of shrooms with my one buddy and bought two hits for later. I ate my shrooms and said "what the hell", i also took a hit. It was still pretty early, very early, about 3 p.m. I went off like a rocket at 3:15. Everything went ballistic. I couldn't talk to my friend, no words came out. Hell, I couldn't even tell them apart because their faces were melting and dripping onto the ground. They put me in my car and left me for a while. I was blasting some biggie and watching the equalizer when suddenly i turned and there was a little penguin sitting in the passenger's seat next to me. I jumped but then realizing he wasn't going to hurt me, i turned down the music and said hi. He answered me in spanish,"Te estas divirtiendo, cabron?" I told him, yeah i was having a lot of fun and as soon as i said the word "fun" he disappeared. I told one of my friend that was standing outside of my car what had happened and he said i had taken way to many drugs that day. No one beleived me and i soon forgot about the penguin, as everything was starting to turn to polygonal shapes. Everything was just so colrful. We attempted to go to the fair, but once we got there we decided not to go in. Instead we just got on the highway and headed northeast. we ended up lost in a city that is about two hours from the fair, still tripping. I kept on tripping harder and harder as the hours went by. more colors, more flashes of light, going nuts with my thoughts. I finally returned to earth about 11p.m. and devoured my one remaining hit. I got a couple of tracers and that's about it. Bought a forty and was soon fast asleep. I have tripped alot of times, but still cannot achieve the same kind of trip that happened on this day. as for the penguin, "I'll get you yet, you little fucker"

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