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Docmnt - psychosis C

For documental reasons, I am 6 ft, 140 lb, 18, and have done about 60 dried grams in past 5 months.

For documental reasons, I am 6 ft, 140 lb, 18, and have done about 60 dried grams in past 5 months.

This trip happened July 18th/98, ingestion of 4.5 dried grams by chewing at 1pm. (One of the mushrooms was 6 inches long). Despite I mention Vitamin C in the trip report name, I didn't have any this time, but believe I had it so intense due to the fact my mind was opened to new levels of the psychosis.

For the first time the trip began very quickly for me (about 15 minutes after ingestion). Being probably the only Christian shroomer I did a quick prayer to the Divine Creator to bless the experience once I began noticing effects. The effects consisted of usual happiness, but inside I noticed a little nervousness as well since this was the next trip after my vitamin C experience, and was rather frightened it would happen again.

I was with a friend at the time, and we decided on going inside to listen to some music (thrill kill kult). After about 5 minutes in, I noticed my mind "slip" into the state of mind I had last time with Vtmn C. When this happened I began really freaking out I noticed the state of mind change so sharply, and it was into a state of mind I knew I couldn
t control. Perhaps my freaking out enhanced the insanity factor of the whole thing.

Anyway, I couldn't be indoors any longer, and I told my friend we were going outside. But I couldn't be outside either - both was reality, and I couldn't escape the mental tortures I was experiencing. After going in and out of the house about 5 times, I remained outside for a bit. Obvious level 5 effects were occuring (intense rainbows around objects, objects curling without mental effort, intense reality distortion).

I sat down outside, and tried to gather my wits. This was not a good idea, as I tried to concentrate my mind was slipping deeply into the chaos void, experiencing incredibly
insane yet seemingly real thoughts. When I slapped my mind to snap back to reality, I could hardly recognize where I was (country/planet/city), nor who I was. I figured out later this is probably due to the disconnection of mind from reality, and the returning to reality causes this effect.

As I was flipping out so badly, my friend and I went into the city as it another friends birthday we had to attend briefly. By the time we arrived, I was so insane I was babbling to myself, walking back and forth in the room, and drank about 20 glasses of water. Whatever in existence/reality I wished to understand or know, it seemed I had the ability. The forces and fundamentals to mind formation were passing through my head (or so it seemed), and I could swear I understand things humans simply arn't capable of even imagining.

The height of insanity in this trip was when on one of the glasses of water I was drinking, I could with my mind the very existence of the glass. For example, just as I could feel and control my hand, it seemed the glass in my hand was just as felt and controllable.

Now for this to happen in one's brain that is sharper than usual with reality, not duller like on marijuana, the mind has to be opened and perceiving to such a degree that the only word to describe the psychosis is in a state of utter insanity.

Other things, such as feelings of intense purity, intense oneness with reality (I didn't like that feeling, as I thought I would then never be able to escape, and thus die with it, but also I didn't feel as if I could ever die), and intense mind expansion was highly noticable. I did my utter best NOT to think, as if I let my mind relax, it would be filled with extrodinary mental thoughts normally unimaginable, but at the same time incredibly painful to a mortal. Can a we mortals perceive the things God does? Example: Would you enjoy understanding every fabric of reality, every thought in everyone's mind, knowing every hair upon everybody's head? I tell you what I think is the truth, as I scraped near it, you would rather never been born than to know and understand the physics of all such things. To this day, a couple weeks later, I am still mentally jarred from the experience, and am still trying to re/establich mental stability.

This report is best a warning of caution to other mental explorers. And to those doing shrooms just for fun, your stupidity is evident to others.


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