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It was a stormy night at my apartment where me and my girlfriend, Sarah, were watching Willy Wonka.

It was a stormy night at my apartment where me and my girlfriend, Sarah, were watching Willy Wonka. My brother Ernie drops by to pick up his laptop that I had been borrowing. Ernie hears me and Sarah talking about the wonderful candys in the Wonka Factory and thats when he tells us of the shrooms he got last week.

Ernie Busts the Shrooms out and shows me a bag full of dried mushshrooms. Me and Sarah were quite ammused by this and laughed for a bit at him. He offers us some but we refused at the time. It wasnt till my brother left the apartment did we got this craving to try some. Eventually its 11:00 at night and we have gone through several conversations about trying shrooms and got quite excited, wishing we had got some.

I head to the kitchen, and there it is, my Brothers bag of shrooms! He was in such a rush to leave he forgot them! So in the midst of excitment me and Sarah break it open and start snaking away. We quickly relized how terrible they tasted and decided to dip them in some dressing, which helped alot!

Little did we realise, we had consumed together about 7-8 grams each. Both being our first time on shrooms, we were in for a surpise. Warpy visions, and spinning objects are what we saw for a good 9 hours. The laws of meaning had been removed all together. The walls turned to mini cell phone face plates and the floor turned to mud. I woke up ontop of Sarah in the washroom completely naked with shit all over my back. The bag we found the shrooms in had been made into a temporary condom,I phoned work 36 times explaining why I could not show, each time giving a different reason (I lost my job)

In one night I had lost my job, my sanity, and virginity. Let this be a lesson for people alike, don't try something you dont know.


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