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Dimension Bus

My friends and I picked up some shrooms after school around 3:30 p.

My friends and I picked up some shrooms after school around 3:30 p.m. We then continued on to the bus station where we began to feast on these gorgeous golden capped shrooms. Upon eating them we waited to catch a bus and that is when the fun began. The busses windows began to morph into television like objects and I somehow came into a new dimension. The more i tried to understand this bus like dimension the more my brain began to collapse under the pressure of realization. After we got of the bus I slowly began to see the world morph to my ideas and thoughts. The ground would vibrate and stick to my feet as if it were wet cement. Anytime I would try to understand why the ground was moving my eyes would notice another wonder of the imagination. A couple hours later I had to leave the group and go the adventure on my own. When I made it back home I looked into my floor which started to melt and open a hellish like dimension, and in this dimension demons were flying around trying to break free from the floor. I ran to the upstairs, with the black light on trying to calm down my poisoned brain the white popcorn kernel bits on the ceiling began to super nova. After a couple more hours I came back to our realm of being and realized that shrooms can fuck you over hella.

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