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different worlds... first time trip

Ok it all started with me and 3 friends really wanting to try shrooms.

Ok it all started with me and 3 friends really wanting to try shrooms.. cuz all we have done is smoked pot b4... nothing more... and weve heard all of these stories about how cool they are .... but no one expected what was about to happen...We went to get them from my cousins dealer... and he said these were the best u could find around here...didnt think much of just bought the damn things..when i got home we split the 16 grams up 4 ways and chowed down... didnt really taste bad at all. It all started with me being realy tingly and laughin at everything. I started seeing designs and colors and everything was bright.. kinda. Eventually things started to get wavy and start breathing. and this is when i lost control. Now all i remember is me sittin in an empty friend with Luke... and i really thought he was some kid that came from another planet to help me ... i didnt know who or where i was... and we were sittin in this rooom and all these little kids started talking to us and we felt like the wanted something from us... i didnt know if they wanted to hurt us or just get somethign from us... but it was scary... and i thought the room was my world and the rest of the house was another.. so everytime someone walked in i would yell at them to go back to there world. Then i remember my friend jared... who didnt take the shrooms.. walk into the room and start messing with us ... i just remember him morphing into some kind of alien and trying to hurt me. The rest of the night was a blur... everything was just real wavy and stuff morphed every once it awhile. Everything mellowed out after 3-4 hours and i was back to reality...i was saying thank god at the time cuz i was just trying to think of what had just happened. Well thats my story of my first time trippin... it was cool i guess.. for me

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