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Devils Rampage

My first time doing shrooms, I was really happy at first.

My first time doing shrooms, I was really happy at first. I started by eating one cap, then another. At first, my step dad and I were laughing at little things and relaxing in the living room part of his RV. After about an hour things got weird and I started to see stuff that became very unreal and frightening. I looked to my step dad who was laughing, and I seen him start to change. His face squnced up, as if he were mad, and a grin came upon his face. I seen two horns arrise from his head and blood start to drip from his mouth. He was holding a dead fetus in his hands feasting upon it. I got really scared and ran. His "trip" must have been over, because he came after me to see what was wrong, BIG MISTAKE!!! He came after me and I started to hit him off and swing an axe at him. He left and I woke up the next morning by the fire. Worst trip ever, but not the last......

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