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Devils in My Shoes

Good evening.

Good evening.....
Today I will tell you all of an unfortunate turn of events.

It was just last week when I happened to take ONE bucket full of shroom with my breakfast grapenuts....

So....I walked into the livingroom (to live). And I saw a small, white, old, big, black, man woman....I offered the he/her some grapenuts....

The chairs said "SIT". So I did. The ceiling and the floor fell in love....but only the wall knew....
(Then in a breif moment of perfect thought I said...)

"He who sees his future only sees his past before him!"

The He/Her backed away...."COME BACK HERE SWINE!!!" I yelled
but only the dog heard me....GOOD LORD!!! THE DOG!!!

My dog = one big dog. White he is, like snow, thick around a little heart....WOW!!!

....well, a lot of other stuff happened too. I could talk for hours....Im not proud...

I have to leave.......till the next

....OH YEAH....there were DEVILS...IN MY SHOES!!!

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