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Devil Speaking Through Me

Usually, when something like that happens, you'd assume it was a horrible trip.

Usually, when something like that happens, you'd assume it was a horrible trip.

But this one, was quite amazing. I chewed 7 grams of dried mushrooms of the same kind that i have already done previously, and knew were great.

I was in my buddy's hottub, and his parents were inside. I pulled out these shrooms, and chewed them in 3 mouthfulls, for about 20 minutes each mouthful.

After about an hour, when i had just swallowed the last load, i saw aliens beginning to appear in his backyard, so i got out of the hottub, and ran around the yard. At this point, it was approx. 9 o'clock. When we got back inside 15 minutes later, we went downstairs and started watching Wrong Turn, which freaked me out in a cool kind of way. I had an amazing buzz, where it felt like i was non-existing, and my brain was at peace with the world.

I felt like i now understood the world, and would've been happy if i had died that day, just because of the peace i'd made with the earth. And then it happened...

Things just started coming out of me. i was reading scriptures from the bible that i had never heard before, and it was scaring my friend (who was sober). So at about 12 oclock, his mom told us to go to bed, because we had to wake up the next morning for church, so we did, and we talked until about 1:00 am.

and once we decided to go to sleep, i started to shut my eyes, and there were intense psychedelic colors flying around. While my eyes were shut, it reminded me alittle bit of a good acid trip.

I would definately recommend everybody to try shrooms at least just once, to understand the real meaning of what the drug's about.

I am a 15 year old male, who's had plenty of experience with other drugs (pot, hash, ecstasy, crack and LSD), and i still found that this trip was one of the most spaced out experiences yet. I took these mushrooms on an empty stomach, which helped, and i'm about 5'8, and i weigh about 185.

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