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Destuction level

What you're about to read is the most fucked-up experience of my life.

What you're about to read is the most fucked-up experience of my life... Even so I have done a lot pefore. I'm 22, 6 foot and 135lbs. Now thats for the basic info. It as benn a week now since I have done this trip. It was on a sunday night, friends of mine had a party, 20 people invovled. When I got their I had took a blotter (mild acid level) and I had with me 3 gr. of Psilocybe cubensis 3 gr. of MAOI's and a couple of magic seeds. Me and the host of the party took 1 gr. of Psilocybe cubensis and 1 gr. of MAOI's. After 20 minutes or so we were startinbg to feel weird, adio-visual enhancment, we went into the chicken and prepare a specail "brew". We put 50 seeds of Datura Stramonium, 50 sedds of Morning Glory, 1gr. of MAOI's, 12 H. Baby Woodroses, 15 seeds of volcanga africana and 2 gr. of Psilocybe cubensis . We brought 2 cups of water to bolling point with all of the magic recipie in a thea ball for 20 mins.

We made 4 mugs of "Drinks" out of that me and Jack, the host of the party took one each. The two others were passing around. Add to that the fact that everybody were smoking joints all-around... I think I had about 3gr. of weed that night. Nerver the less, I WAS FUCKED>.... I had visual beyond description: "Buildings collapsing and out of the ruines, new buildings getting constructed". I talk about my life with my projection in the mirror for an hour. I even whent on a walk around the block that lasted for hours... When I got back home, my ego was waiting for me and started talking to me about life it self... Something way fucked... Thrust me... And my Kitchen was a void in space time it self... Let just say next time I'm doing this kind of trip I whant oder people to be as fucked as me, so I can talk about my experience on the spot.


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