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desert madness

i was in Moab, Utah,with two friends when I consumed 7 and a 1/2 dry wight grams of psilocybe caenynes- damed if i know the correct spelling.

i was in Moab, Utah,with two friends when I consumed 7 and a 1/2 dry wight grams of psilocybe caenynes- damed if i know the correct spelling. Any how , extremely potent mushies grown by a friend.We were camping almost on the slick rock, and i was thinking what what an incredible place to trip, the desert rock and baren landscape backed by the snowy mountains of Utah.One of my friends also consumed mushrooms -6 grams.I ate the rather large shrooms with lots of OJ. Only 10 minutes after i ate them i started feeling it. slowly it kept creeping up stonger ,stronger, stronger. Now like 30-45 minutes i tripping pretty damn good, i had the gitters really bad so i sat down and smoked 2 joints with my tripping partner. Then POW!!! holy fucking shit, i thought i had saliva and other bodily fluids coming out of everywhere, i checked myself with my hands and it took me about 10 minutes to realize that there was no saliva on my face or anything else. i was sitting down with my friend on the slick rock watching a 3-dimensional TV about 4foot high 5feet in length. I saw some wicked and nasty things on that telivision.I stopped looking at it and looked around. I was on an alien planet all cartoon. everything had something to do with indians-native americans.i tried to stand up with my partner, we had several attempts before we actually got up.then i tried walking i seemed to getlost because i would start walking through isles made up of rock and space age lights, it was when i got on a psycedelic school bus with electronic robots pretending to be school kids , that i started freaking out. i started having a really bad trip, i though that i was going to be in permanent psycosis for the rest of my life. I told this to my tripping partner and non-tripping friend, my tripping partner told my friend that i was going insane , or did he? nothing made sense .i couldn't even talk because i kept forgeting what i was going to say and getting mixed up ,my sentances would be like "dude, when the guy...i , in the ...what?" i heard my friends talking about me ,how they were going to get help. they went off on there bikes, i saw the other people in campsites nearby looking at me and talking about me, i could hear everyword they said even though they were 60 yards away. Then the park rangers came up to the nieghboring campers they all pointed at me and started rushing towards me . i sat up and yelled "what do you want from me"??!! that's when the rangers dissapated into the air and i saw there molecules fly. that is also when my two friends said"what the fuck are you talking about"? They were right behined me , they hadn't gone on thier bikes.I snapped out of my bad trip and relized that i was coming down , slowly but surely. Things were still warped as a mother fucker, hell after that a 6" multicolored wasp tried to sting me when i tried to piss. after that i still heard the nieghboring campers voices like they were on a tape recorder and every 5 seconds they tape recorder would rewind and go into slow mode like--hhhheeeeellllooo-in a deep voice. everything was fragmented and bugs crawled all on the ground forcing me to avoid the ground. after i had come down i found that i i had a long sleev shirt on that was inside out and backwards and i had my shoes on the wrong feet. i also noticed my hands and feet were swollen like ballons and purple. my tripping partner also noticed the same with his feet and hands, some poisoning or something of the kind. this is an extremely short version of what happend i could have gone on for pages explaining the intensity of this trip.Totally ego shattering, and mind splitting is how it felt, it was an experience like no other, half of it was a good trip, half of it bad. I don't think i will ever trip as hard.-------------PeaceOut Jim{acid king}

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