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Hi, I'm about 6 ft, 135 lbs.

Hi, I'm about 6 ft, 135 lbs. I know it doesn't seem much, but I took an eigth to my head. Then me and some neighbors of mine smoke a gang of this bomb ass chronic that I got. I must have taken like 14 bong tokes. We went inside and on the radio blasting totally loud was Peter Tosh's "Legalize it" (if you have not heard this song and are a stoner, listen to it). The shrooms started to kick in. Everything was chill at first, I was tellin myself, "reality, reality" and everything was going cool. I was looking at the walls and blocks were protruding and moving around on the walls. The ceiling was stuco and started to look like one of those old chinese pinball machines. I did get the weird sensation that I was like the leader of the group I was in, even though My neighbors are huge samoans and I'm only 19. In other words I was fucked up. Well after the song was over my neighbors decided to put on GTA 3. I love this game, but I was too fucked up to play. They started to play and this is what seemed to happen. The scanners and the sirens started to fuck with me. after a while I thought that the cops showed up and started telling us to be quiet. I actually thought I was talking to cops, although I wasn't looking at them for some reason. then all hell broke loose. I thought the police had found out about the shrooms and deported me to mexico. All of a sudden I swear I thought I was in a mexican jail cell with a bunch of people and I was trying to take a piss in the toilet and I couldn't and I was all "Fuuuuuck." and then it just seemed that I saw one frame of life for like an hour. Like life was a picture and nothing moved. Well the truth of the matter was that I ended up spending 2 hours in front of a mirror talking to myself. And then I ended up going over to another neighbors house and staring in his mirror. Then all of a sudden I gained reality(semi) and my neighbors were all outside drinking beers. I went out and they all started busting my chops cuz it was my first real shrooms trip. (I say that because I did them once before but I only got that stone feeling) Then I went home and I went on the computer and my dad was sitting right behind me watching tv. I was still seeing lots of colors so I didn't spend too long cuz I was paranoid he'd find out. Then went ahead and went to bed. It ended up being pretty scary, but I would be able to handle it now. Shrooms are a good drug. Take it from me

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