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December 26, 2004- Christmas Night

I have taken shrooms about 5 or 6 times.

I have taken shrooms about 5 or 6 times. Twice I took 2 grams, twice I took 3.5 grams and I think twice I just ate a little piece.

But the last time I took them, on Christmas Night of 2004 is an experience I will never forget. My story begins in the San Gabriel Valley north of Los Angeles, on a cold and windy Christmas night. It was 7:00 P.M. and a few friends and I were chillin getting high. We were smoking weed but we wanted something a little extra, something with a little more bang. So we decided to go pick up some cocaine of my friends dealer. When we arrived to pick up the yayo the connect told us that he also had shrooms on deck, about an ounce and that they were probably going to be sold very quickly, so we decided to buy 3 eight's, one for me, for my brother, and for my other friend. It was a choice that will live to haunt me.
SO we finished the night with cocaine and weed and we all decided to go home as their reaaly wasnt shit to do anymore.
I arrived home at about 10:00 o'clock Saturday Night, Christmas night. My brother said he would wait to do the shrooms until another day, but I couldnt help myself. At around 10:30 I called my other friend who had brought the shrooms and he said he was going to do half the eighth that night. SO we would both shroom out that night, but I ate the whole eigth. And then it began.
I ate 3.5 grams, my whole sack, and waited for it to kick in.AT around 11:00 P.M. I began to feel it, first I began to get that very warm sensation, you know what I mean, that blissfulness you feel when your shrooming. I felt really high, but i wasnt trippin yet, so I decided to sneak out side my window to smoke a joint to increase the high.

That's when it all began, my vojage into the cosmos.
The occurances which happened that night were part of a celestial corrolation which I was apart of. I was smoking the joint when all of a sudden I looked up and saw a great ring in the sky, yes a great perfect circle in the sky. It looked like a giant ring of mist in the sky, a portal if you will. Directly in the center of the ring was the moon, and their was a great dragon coiled around it. A great cloud in the shape of a snake was coiled around the moon. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen, I was amazed at the sight, I decided to call my friend and tell him about it, over the phone he told me that he was seeing the exact same thing I was seeing, a great ring in the sky, the moon directly in the center, and a single cloud shaped like a snake (dragon) surrounding the moon. It was a something you would see on the cover of a science magazine.
Anyways after I had finished smoking the joint, the shrooms had kicked in and I just stod looking at this great SIGN in the heavens, I would have thought that this vision was attributed to the shrooms but it was not, it was really their. The image entranced me, but I gave it not much thought, I snuck back in through my window and started enjoying my shroom high. For the next few hours I just lay in my room
enjoying my high, I was watching the history channel and tripping out, I had a really good trip until about 3 in the morning. But then everything changed.
I began to feel very tired and wanted to fall asleep. But the intensity of the trip only kept increasing. Soon I began to wonder if it had not been such a good idead to eat an eight of shrooms at 10:00 o'clock at night. It was 3:30 in the fuckin morning and I was trippin bad. I began to regret doing the shrooms, I just wanted them to stop and let me fall asleep. I turned of the tv and the lights and I just lay in my dark room. I was laying in bed and began to fell very weird, I started having a panic attack or an anxiety attack. I had never had one before but that's what I think it was, I stated flippin out, I started swetting really hard, I felt worms crawling all over me. I began to have a nervous breakdown. I wanted someone to come in and help me, to hold me and tell me it was all going to be allright, but theyre was no one to come and help me. I was sweating so much that my clothes, bed, and sheets were covered in sweat, I took of all of my clothes but I was still sweating like a motherfucker. The trip was getting too intense and I couldn't cope with it. It was arounf 4 in the morning, the world was asleep, but I was in my room trippin badly on mushrooms. I kept tossing and turning but the trip wouldnt go away, I just wanted to fall asleep but the high only kept intensifying. Then it happened.
I figured that their was nothing I could do to stop the high, so i just decided to lay in my bed and ride them out. I lay still in my bed and just let the shrooms overtake me. WHen i stoped resisting the high and just decided to let it take me whereever it wanted my spirit broke with my body.
I lay in bed and saw my spirit rise from my body and leave, I had an out of body experience. All I remember was that I could see myself floating through space, surrounded by stars and planets and emptiness. I began to hear otherworldy sounds, that I cannot recreate here on earth. Then something incredible happened. My chackras began to open up, all twelve of them. Then the thirteenth chackra opened and I became one with the universe. I reached total nirvana. I became one with everything, and all of the secrets of the universe were revealed to me, I floated in the cosmic heavens and all which had once seemed hard to understand about the univerese was revealed. I felt that I knew everything, everything which had once seemed unexplanable was now as clear as water. All the mysterys' of the world now seemed easy to understand, all was known. My spirit just flying through inter galactic dimensions, the universe was with in me.
tHEN THE CRAZIEST THING HAPPENED, i HAD VISIONS OF GREAT PYRAMIDS, visions of the great temples throughotu the earth. From the pyramids of Egypt to the great temples in the City of the Gods near Mexico city.

My conciousness trancended time and space, I was time traveling. My spirit was seeing things from long ago, things which are not known any more.

AT around 5 in the morning I snapped out of the trance like state I had been in and whent to tell my brother what had happened.

He began to explain to me that Magical Mushrooms are the KEY TO THE UNIVERSE. These ancient mushrooms let you see into other dimensions. Exactly what I had done.
AT around 6 in the morning the trip had stopped intensifying and I began to come down. Now I could sleep. I returned back to my room for some sleep, but right before I did iturned on the television and saw BREAKING NEWS. A great earthquake had happened in Southeast Asia. A great tsunami had happened. Reports had said that the death count was at 1,000 people. I was shocked, it had been avery powerful earthquake. I put the thought behind me and lay in bed and fell asleep. I slept the whole day. My body was drained of energy. When I woke up that night I saw that the earthquake death count was 100,000 people.

Reflecting on what had happened I began to piece together many things, the great portal in the sky i had seen, the great dragon cloud, my vogaye into the cosmos, and the great earthquake. The correlation of all of these things in one single night has led me to view the universe in another perspective. The universe works in mysterious ways, ways we cannot perceive.

If you want to wright to me about what I have just said please feel free to at masteroftheuniverse420@yahoo.com

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