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The first time I tripped was a week ago when I was at my cousin's house.

The first time I tripped was a week ago when I was at my cousin's house. My cousin, a few friends and I decided to buy some shrooms and trip while I stayed. A few hours before ingestion Steve, Dave and I had put in on a Goddie, which is a Gosher totally packed with weed. When we did finally eat the shrooms together, they actually tasted good. It might have been because I was stoned as hell or just the type of shroom. After a while, we sat in the living room and Dave turned on South Park. They were all reruns, but they were still funny. An hour after eating, I still didnt feel the tripping; only a really stoned sensation. As i looked around the room, I saw two girls were laughing and joking around, my cousin Steve sitting in the recliner with his eyes closed seeing visuals, and Dave staring open mouthed at the TV. The two girls got a booty call and left us in peace. My eyes were really dry so i decided to go get my contact lens stuff which was still in the car. Walking down the steps, I definetly felt tripping. 3 flights of stairs and 10 minutes later, i reached the ground and walked outside. Inside the first floor window, the lights were so bright and starry. it was a world of its own. I tried to open the car door with the key but then realized that i was putting it in upside down. Steven asked me if i had a good trip to the car and that was exactly what it was. When i looked into the mirror, i saw taht my lips were covered in stuff. i tried to get it off with a tissue but when i looked closer, it was really peices of my skin being cut by teeth. It was strange in that there was no blood. When i sat back down, i started having closed eye and open eye visuals. Being withought glasses made the visuals even better. I remember saying out loud "Oh man, i think im starting to trip". An hour later, i said the same thing and my cousin told me that i had already said it. when all the lights were turned off, i had a hard time sleeping. my cousin asked if i wanted to go back to his house or stay at dave's. we decided to crash at daves. at around 4-5 o clock in the morning i think i passed out. All in all, this was a cool trip and i like tripping.

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