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Death was familiar

Someone I know very well harvests different strains of mushrooms, and about two weeks ago I took 1/8 of South American shrooms.

Someone I know very well harvests different strains of mushrooms, and about two weeks ago I took 1/8 of South American shrooms. This was only my 6th or 7th time doing them, and I never experienced such an intense trip.

The trip started "normal" - good visuals, open-mindedness and awareness - but then I had an urge to lie down on the floor. I literally had no strength, so I HAD to lie down.

The next thing I recall was being one with everything. I was one with the universe, with other beings, and one with God. I didn't "see" much (my eyes were closed, I think), but my awareness and "knowledge" of everything kept expanding. It was extremely overwhelming.

The fascinating part was, this "place" was very, VERY familiar. I don't know how to put this into words very well, but I know that where I was (the state of being I was in) was death AND God AND deja-vu AND an out of body experience AND the home of my spirit...IT WAS ALL THE SAME THING!!! Without any doubt, I knew this to be true. It was so peaceful. I knew I was "dead" but I also knew I'd been here before and I'd be here again. Then I knew that my body was nothing more than a temporary "shell" and I had no problems with leaving it behind. I knew I'd had other bodies and I knew I'd have more. I realized that "I" was pure and eternal spirit. And so was everyone and everything else.

The more "knowledge" that came to me, the more overwhelmed I felt. Suddenly, my dog pounced on my and "woke me up". To this day, I don't know if I'd have come back otherwise. At that moment, I felt like I was "sucked back", very rapidly, into my body. Then I remember feeling that my body was very heavy and I wanted to dump it. I have no idea how long I was gone, maybe only a few minutes or a half hour, but time didn't exist where I was. I remember crying - hard - at how overwhelming all of this "knowledge" was. I also remember that for the next several hours I was speaking quite differently that normal...I was referring to people as "humans" and "home" was that place I was. And my vocal tone was very peaceful and compassionate.

After reading many other trip reports here, I don't feel so crazy. There aren't too many people who I am able to share this experience with, so thanks for sharing yours and for reading mine.


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