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4 years ago i went to a small cow field and picked approx.

4 years ago i went to a small cow field and picked approx. 30 to 35 baby copelandias . all of the shrooms were about the size of the tip of my pinkey finger.i got home, chopped them up, mixed them with some honey and ate them with a spoon.i didn't know how potent these shrooms were,i just knew they were the trippy ones.i was expecting to see some colors,laugh a little and go to sleep.i never thought a little more than a 1/4 cup of godsflesh with a little honey would produce a trip like this. 45 minutes after i ate these shrooms i told my girlfriend i was already tripping harder than i have ever tripped.my preception was changing faster by the second it seemed.i walked outside to get some fresh air and collect myself but this didn't help. i looked up into the night sky and i felt as if my body was starting to enter hyperspace.the stars rushed down at me.i realized i needed to go inside ,get comfortable and wait it out.i went in and decided to stop by the bathroom to piss.when i got in front of the toilet i realized i couldn't remember how to use my hands,so i called my girlfriend into the bathroom to pull out my dick and just like a good girlfriend should,she held my dick while i pissed and made sure i hit the hole. it was about an 1.5 hours after ingestion when i made it to my bed.my ego had been falling apart since i went outside and by now it was being ripped to shreds at a supersonic rate.my girl took my clothes off for me,put a sasha and digweed(trance)cd on and proceded to do a little striptease for me!i really didn't want a striptease but i just kept my mouth shut and watched my naked girlfriend morph into a floating spirit,my beautiful banshee.even though she knew i was trippin' hard,she crawled on top of me in the bed,reached between her legs,stuck a finger in her pussy and then inserted the same finger in my mouth.the taste of her life creating essance destroyed me.i no longer could see or hear anything external,only internal .i started to gyrate , convulse and mumble random words(so my girlfriend says).i remembered my birth,my conception.i remembered swimming up the fallopian tube and the struggle i went through just to be alive.i remembered things that happened in my parents lives before they had me. things that happened in my grandparents lives and their parents and grandparents lives.i remembered the first primal urges to breath,eat and speak.i witnessed the formation of the earth,solar system and universe.4.6 billion years of encoded information that has been stamped on my DNA was revealed to me ! i regressed to the beginning! i touched the face of "god".not the father of jesus,but the force that is creation .about 4 hours later i came down enough to speak and see again.i laid there in the fetal position and cried.my girlfriend held me and cried also saying over and over i love you. i got up at 6am ,got a shower and went to work feeling like someone peeled back my skull cap,removed my brain,set it on the floor and stomped on it! it took me a few weeks to grasp what really happened to me and it was 2 years until i learned it had a name"SHAMANIC DEATH AND REBIRTH". 4 years later and not a day goes by without me thinking of that life changing event.i am no longer the person i once was.i don't even remember who i was or what i was like.

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